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"I met with Dr. Trus on January 26, 2006. The meeting went very well and I found him to be pleasant and knowledgeable. The bariatric program at DHMC requires you to attend three seminars prior to admittance to the program. Each of the three primary surgeons speaks at one seminar. I heard Dr. Trus give the surgery presentation some months before my appointment. My impression of his role in my journey is that of surgeon. Once my surgery is complete, the bariatric team will handle my aftercare. I do believe he follows the progress of his patients and pays attention to the statistics presented by research institutions and also statistics gathered by the DHMC bariatric program. I will provide more information about Dr. Trus after my surgery is complete. UPDATE: March 17, 2006 - I was quite pleased with Dr. Trus and his surgical team. My surgery went smoothly and my incisions are small and clean. Dr. Trus and/or someone from the surgical team visited me twice a day to check on my progress. I feel that they took excellent care of me and I had confidence in their abilities throughout the whole process. I will see Dr. Trus again for a follow-up appointment on April 13, 2006."
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