Joseph Chebli

"I met with Dr. Chebli on February 18, 2004. He was very helpful in explaining the surgery to me, and informing me of the different types. I am hoping to have laproscopic surgery late this year. I like that Dr. Chebli seems very confident and excited about his practice. His office staff is nice, but they were a little put out with my insurance issues. I know my insurance has a written exclusion, but I'm not letting it end there, so they shouldn't be either. Maybe they were just testing me to see if I was in it for the long haul. I guess they have their answer now. :-) I had my surgery on January 21,2005. Dr. Chebli was just wonderful. He is just so full of life and energy, how could you not feel comfortable in his capable hands!! My surgery went great! There were no complications surgically, and I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Roll in the days following. He is just a character and I love him!! I owe so much to my wonderful surgeon and this new lease at life he's giving me!! I promise, promise, promise to work my butt off now that you did your part. I would definitely send anybody asking me about this surgery to Dr. Chebli!!"

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital

"I think this was probably the most positive experience of my life!! The nurses and staff were beyond wonderful!! They were caring and respectful, most of all, human!! They treated me like they would a good friend. No matter what I needed or the time of day they had a big smile on their face and were happy to help. Fair Oaks Inova had a few things in the room that I just loved!! First of all I was concerned coming into my room that I wouldn't find a clock. There was a clock right in front of me while I was in my bed so I couldn't miss it. There was also a day by day calender which they changed daily so I would know the date!! I loved my bed too. It had a foot rest on it so the matress wouldn't shift forward and a bar across the top with a triangular pulley we could use to pull ourselves up with. It was by far the most comfortable bed I've ever had in a hospital. I would definitely use Fair Oaks Inova again, and would happily recommend it. "
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