"I was not thrilled, to say the least. Hospital was filled to capacity, nursing staff apparantly inadequate to meet all patients needs in a timely manner."

Steven Greenberg

"Dr. Greenberg is extremely understanding of all issues related to Morbid Obesity. He has a close family member that is 2yrs. out from bpd/ds w/ excellent results."

William Peters

"My first impression of Dr. Peters was a little scary. His office isn't exactly what you'd expect for a highly recommended surgeon whose waiting list is months long. He doesn't pull any punches. He's brutally honest, up front and even a bit over the top when it comes to his negative shpeil. You will leave his office knowing and understanding ALL of the associated risks. He provides you with pamphlets to read and a list of excellent websites, including this one. He doesn't want you to take any of this process lightly. He expects you to do what he says and doesn't want to waste time with patients who are in this for purely cosmetic motivations or those that wont follow protocall. After talking to him, I realized the Mahogony Desk and Corner Office aren't his priorities. His priority is the safety of his patients. He made it very clear that I had to quit smoking. Tough to do, but I did it, because he wasn't kidding. He said he'd send me home on the day of my surgery if he found out I was still smoking. I believe it. I think I'd have liked it if he came accross as a little more nurturing at first, but I'd rather have a surgeon with his confidence and his determination for successful outcome then someone who says "oh poor baby." His office staff is helpful, caring and professional. The office manager, Robbie (his wife) knows what she's doing, and without her help and advice I would never have been approved by my ins. co. so quickly. "
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