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Jan 18, 2017

Well here I am, practically a totally new person. This entails good and bad things. I got all the way down to right around 250, maybe a bit under i can't remember. Got approved to get some excess skin removed because it was hindering me being able to exercise properly. However my insurance didnt like the surgeon because he didnt preform the sirgeries in their hospital (had insurance through my husband's job at a hospital) so they wanted me to go with one of their surgeons. This new surgeon refused to work on me even with the other surgeon having been willing to, said I was still too big to go througha surgery. This rejection threw me into a deep depression and actually a drinking problem developed. 

Happy to say As of This jan 1'st I am sober, I know not very long but for me thats a good start. With the drinking I got back up to about 325 I think, didnt really check that often. 

I have a fitbit now, and monitor my eating on Sparkpeople. I have even found local friends who have had WLS so their support is very helpful. One really bad thing is I believe I developed reactive hypoglycemia from my surgery. I haven't been able to see a doctor about it that will believe me, my one doctor I had said I was making it up that I would get really ill if I ate sugar. Hopefully I can find a doctor who believes me enough to check. 

Big changes in my life coming up, going to be moving an hour away so I can get a new start for me and my family. 

But anyway, I'm back and trying to gather what info I can to make sure I remember things right and maybe I can help some others too. 

btw as of today I am down to 280, short term goal 250, then the big goal of 200. 

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