Ever since I can remember I have been overweight and on a diet of some sort.  I tried every fad diet pill, weight watchers, atkins, low carb, calorie counting I even tried vomitting after I ate.  None of it ever lasted though, I would lose anywhere from 10-30 lbs. and gain it all back in no time plus some.  I first heard about the RNY when my best friend had it nearly 4 years ago, at first I was scared for her but she has done excellent and has now lost over 200 lbs.  Then about a year and a half ago my father had the RNY and he has now lost over 200 lbs.  I think sometime in the midst of my dad having done so well I started to really think about the surgery for myself.  I have about 100 lbs. to lose and had toyed with the idea before but never really pursued it until after August of 2006 I started dieting again  on weight watchers and it took me until December to lose about 30 lbs.  As soon as December hit though I started putting it all back on again and by March I had gained it all back again.  At that time I had noticed the weight going back on rapidly and started researching the surgery a little for myself and decided to go through with it.  I started out by going to a clinic in Georgetown KY but within a week switched to St. Joseph East in Lexington KY, and that was the best thing I did.  I found their clinic to be much more informative and caring and their clinic is Nationally recognized as a Center of Excellence, as well as I had the #1 Surgeon in Kentucky to do my surgery, although they have 3 different surgeons to choose from in Lexington.  I started the process the 2nd week of April and had finally had surgery on May 14, 2007.  So the whole process only took a little over a month but it did seem like the longest month of my life going through all the classess and testing and then waiting on insurance approval.  The first time we submitted my paperwork to the insurance it was denied the same day for failure to provide a recommendation from a doctor other than my surgeon, so the next day I went and got a not from my primary care physician and then submitted that the next day and within 2 more days I was approved and I scheduled surgery right away.  I appreciate my centers patience with me because I know I called multiple times a day during that waiting period to find out if they had gotten an answer.  Once approved I was so excited and happy to begin my new life.  My surgery went well and I am losing weight and I cant wait to be the person on the outside that I have always felt like on the inside.

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