3 Months out

Oct 28, 2008

Bust           52.50 (-6.50)
Waist         45.50 (-4.25)
Abdomen     58.00 (-8.75)
Hips            58.00 (-7.50)
Thighs         30.00 (-10.50)
Arms           14.75 (-3.50)
Weight         278 (-72)
Body Fat %   44.40 (-3.70%)

That makes for a total of 72lbs and 41inches!

2 Months And........

Sep 27, 2008

Bust           53.75 (-5.25)
Waist         46.00 (-3.75)
Abdomen     59.00 (-7.75)
Hips            59.50 (-6.00)
Thighs         32.25 (-6.00)
Arms           14.75 (-3.50)
Weight         285 (-65)
Body Fat %   45.20 (-2.90%)

That makes for a total of 65lbs and 34inches!

5 Weeks Post Op and...

Aug 26, 2008

Well things have been going ok I have not lost that much in the last two weeks and I think it is because I have not been eating enough. All the things I thought I was going to be able to handle before surgery I can no longer stand and well protien drinks or powders you mise well forget it. So I am now tryig to eat more and hopefully pick up the pase. I got my measurements and weight done Monday but its TOM so it was a bad time but here are the results...

Bust          54.50 (-3.50)
Waist        46.00 (-3.00)
Abdomen    59.00 (5.00)
Hips           61.50 (2.50)
Thighs        32.00 (-2.00)
Arms          15.50 (-2.00)
Weight     303.00 (-32.00)
BodyFat %  46.50 (-2.10)

So total for this month is
-18 inches
-32 lbs

I guess Im not doing too bad I just wish I would have made it under 300 I am so tired of seeing that number. My mom said with my TOM that I am off a little anyway I just hope I can get off my stall and loose some more.

The 1st few days....

Jul 27, 2008

Well the start of this journey has been a little tough. Surgery went well and no complections. I was in ICU for 1 day then transferd to regulr room it sucked. I could not get comfortable and I had a not so friendly roommate who had all kinds of visitors and of course I got bed by the door. The room was so smal I couldnt even breath. Most of staff was nice with is hard to find. I mainly walked up and down the halls I found a lounge area at the end this was great spend lots of time there.

Had to stay untill friday and kinda mad because I wanted to GO HOME so bad and was hoping for Thurday. I had a little feaver 100.5 no meds but had to stay. Friday was the longest day the Dr dont make rounds till 5 or 6 so I gt so agervated and hospital as getting to me. Spent 1 day at my moms better but still a little nerve racking.

Last night finaly HOME! Although I had an emotional spell and cried my eyes out when I relized I couldnt sleep next to my hunny and just everything was getting to me. I wanted everyting to just go back the way it was. I am much better today I got pretty good sleep last night and not as sleepy today. Taking the kids to the bowling alley with the Girl Scouts today. I guess Im not doing so bad for a few days out!

Preparing For Surgery

Jul 20, 2008

I went to do my last work out before surgery today. I am not yet nervous or scared just cant wait untill its over! I am only doing water today and gonna try and get alot of sleep to prepare my body and so I dont have to think about eating. I am down 10 pounds from last week so that is good and encouragement Im on my way down!

Measurements for Today 7-21-08

Bust-           58.00
Waist-         49.00
Abdomen-     64.00 (-2inches from March)
Hips-            64.00 (-1.50 inches from March)
Thighs-         34.00
Arms-           16.50
Weight-        335
Body Fat %   48.60

3 days till my new life!

Jul 19, 2008

Well I am having sugery on July 22nd that is in 3 days. I cant wait to finaly get it and im not really scared of the surgery itself even though I cant stand pain, needles, blood, and meds. I am more scared of this not working and still being so fat. I know its diffent fr everyone but I just pray that it will work for me and I will be one of the luckey ones with no complications.

This pre-op diet is killing me and I just wonder what I will do after sugery. I am having problems taking any type of protein drinks and feel so sick when I do. I am so hungry I dot even care what I can eat I just want to eat. I cant wait untill after the surgery and I will hopefully feel full.

My boyfriend does not want me to get this done so he is not as supportive as I would like. Dont get me wrong he will help me if I need it but I know his feelings about it so I kinda keep things in around him. It sucks but I love him and I think he will be happy with the results just not the method. But I am doing this for me and my health so I have to keep going for me!


Jul 01, 2008

Yesterday was the happiest day of my life I have been Approved!!!!!!!! Hearing that phone call felt like I hit the lottery and to me I did the lif lottery. I will finaly get the chnge I need to make my whole life better for me and my childen. Waiting the last year has been so fusterating to say the least but it will be worth the trouble ans wait.

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