November 21, 2008 was my consult at Bar ix.  2 weeks before my 38th birthday and many worthless hours, month and years in and out of the gym, countless diets, It's time to make a life altering change. So as a birthday gift to myself, I made the appointment. I drove out the day after I turned 38 to Bar ix with my Mom.  I was ready to jump on a table that day, but the funds were about 29,900 short. So now the adventures begin.

My life- for the past 6 years, I have been living the life as a flight attendant, I'm still waiting for the glamor to start. It sure isn't what you see in the movies or T.V.  They never show the Flight attendant having some passenger vomiting all over them or the things people do on an airplane (I would hate to see where they live). Some days I think people check there brains with the luggage. But, I do love my Job. The best part of the job must be the take off, landing and of course the overnights. How many people can say, Oh sorry can't meet you tonight, I'm going out in Maui for the diner or I had lunch in L.A.  or cross over 6 time zone in one day. Now try sleeping after that.  So now I want to be the typical FA and not the FFA (Fat Flight Attendant)

Prior to this career, I worked on an Ambulance for 10 years. I've seen it all. and that all I have to say about that.

March 18, 2009-
Well I'm still waiting, My PCP told me she sent in the additional information 2.5 weeks ago. I called OHIP on Monday the 16th and she told me they just recieved the package on the 9th of March. So another waiting game begins.

March 19, 2009
I'm sitting in my hotel room in Calgary and decided to call OHIP one more time to see what days they send out the letters. The nice lady at OHIP pulled up my file and said a letter was faxed to my PCP and letter sent out today dated the 18th of March. I asked if it was good or bad news letter. She told me she could not say but, a letter was sent to my PCP and Barix.
Yes I am impatient so, I called  Barix and left a message and about an hour later Sue called me back. She said she had nothing as of yet, but she should have something in my file by Monday and she will keep my file to the side to get everything signed off.
I am hoping for surgery in the next 10 to 12 weeks.

March 23, 2009 IT FINALLY ARRIVED. OCC APPROVAL LETTER. I was so happy to hear that it arrived at home. When I made it back to Windsor at 3am I could not wait to open it.  My surgery will be sometime in June from what Barix said today on the phone. My Dr. at Barix is away for the week and won't be back till Monday.  So what's another week. I have the approval letter in my hot little hand.
I meet with my PCP this morning and she will be working with me. She is very supportive. We discused all the follow-up care for the future and prior to the surgery. Now I just have to get my forms from work  for Short Term Dissibilty Pay and have the summer off to recover.  My hope is to have a thinner Birthday in November.

April 13, 2009- Last week I got my date. June 15 2009 is my big day. June 2 is pre-op.  The count down begins.

JUNE 2, 2009 - PATs are done, what relief. I was nervous for many reasons, I wasn't not sure what to expect. I meet some great people there. The staff was pleasent, lots of information was given to us. So now I have 8 more days of work then done for 6-8 weeks. I hope it warms up.  I was finally able to make it to a weight loss support meeting. Lost of info and I was surprised as to how many people were there. So i'm not alone.

June 3, 2009- Today I started testing my protein shakes. Not bad. I actually like them with fress fruit in them. practicing the sipping and changing my eating habbits. Last night was a hard night for not smoking. But this surgery is more important.  So right now I'm packing for work, I will be gone for 10 days, When I get back, it's almost time for my surgery.

June13 2009- well it's official, my nerves have taken over my body. My chiro, is working my stress out of my back and neck.  I still have not smoked. The smell of them makes me sick. I wen't out with one of my crew members last week in Edmonton, a bunch of people were smoking and I could not stand it.
Sunday morning I start my pre surgery prep. clear liquid and dulcolax yummy.  Monday morning it's off to Barix for a 9am admit time.

JUNE 15 2009- It is here, my surgery date.  I'm off to Barix, admit time is 9am , I have not had anything to eat since Saturday night. and Sunday was a clear liquid day, it wasn't that bad.

June 23- 1week out of surgery and so far so good, no more pain meds, liquids are going in good and I'm walking more then 2 blocks a day.

June 29- 22.3 lbs gone for good. I'm down 19% from surgery day. I had to buy a dress for a wedding this Friday and It is a size 16 not a 20. It's a good day
July 6 2009- another 5 lbs gone this week.  I'm walking 3kms every morning and I try to do another 1-2 kms at night. So far so good with food. I'm on pureed for another week, then I'm on to soft foods.

July 27, 2009- I have graduated to reg foods. I am so happy. I had my 6 week follow-up today with Dr. Schram (he is so cute) so far everthing is going well. I am down a total of 37% of my weight or 37 lbs.
I am walking 5km every morning and another 5 km at night. I have started at a gym to get me in better shape for work Sept 1st.
I went shopping on Friday with a friend and (I love the GAP) I was able to buy large tops and size 14 capris no more 20's for this girl.

Sept 8, 2009 - My first week back to work. A few challenges with eating, my crew love's buffets and I just can't eat them. and every were I go everything is cooked in butter. A few places we went to eat were great and made my meal as requested. Let's see how my next 5 days goes.

Dec 20/09- it has been a while since I've updated my bio. It's been 6 months since my surgery and I am down 92 lbs. I have 13lbs to go. I love the result and love my life. Jan I am heading off on my first THIN VACATION with my 7 year crush. After him seeing me in Nov, he was shocked at my transformation. I will post again after my cruise.
I have so much energy these days, I danced all night at my company Christmas party. I was getting compliments all night.
My health and life have changed for the better. I am now in a size 8, clothing shopping is so much fun/ I can't wait to shop in Fort Lauderdale

December 30,2008 OCC sent
Jan 2009 OCC request for more information
Feb 11, 2009 withdrawn for PCP failure to provide further information
March 19 2009 called OHIP again and they sent out a letter to me and faxed my PCP and Barix
March 23 2009 Approval letter in my hand. Good for 9 months.
June 2, 2009 PATS
June 15, 2009, THE BIG DAY

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