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"My surgeon is a wonderful man. He is very passionate about WLS. He is the first medical provider that didn't make me feel ashamed and embarrassed about my weight. He has been very positive and enthusiastic about my surgery and success so far. He is very emphatic about aftercare, \"it is essential for you to be successful with the lap-band\". He is very thorough in explaining all risks and benefits of the surgery and alternatives. Dr. Holloway takes the time to answer your questions and make sure you understand his comments. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Holloway to anybody considering WLS. HE IS AWESOME!!!!rnThe one thing that I did have trouble with was getting my surgery scheduled. I had insurance approval and completed all required evals, but the coordinator didn't complete her portion in a timely manner so that the surgery could be scheduled. Several telephone calls and not taking \"we will call you back\" for an answer later, I did get my surgery scheduled. "
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