Exercise good- weight loss... not so much.

Sep 12, 2008

Well... I have hit my 8 weeks and started my different exercise every day plan. I did all but 1 day (which I was sick)- I am VERY proud of myself! The frustrating part- the scale hasn't moved for 2 weeks.. everyone tells me that I can't do much to control it but exercise... but man it's frustrating. I am trying to focus on the non-scale victories as my support group leader says.  A giant victory is I AM NOTICEABLY SMALLER! Someone said to me yesterday- I think you are about half as small as you were! Well.. that is not exactly true- but the inches must be flying off. I am mad no one measured me and I did not measure myself to see the changes. But.. I will do it now to see the further ones.
On another frustrating note... I made a bad choice today food wise- I had some baked chicken at school and threw up for the first time since surgery. I know most people throw up sooner- but I had been so careful up to today. I do not know what I was thinking.. I only had a few bites of the chicken and 2 bites of the breading.. and think that did it.. yuk!
I am still doing great overall and overcoming my battle with not drinking while eating- it is soo hard for me!
I am proud of myself overall and feeling great!

Back to school and the next stage of food!!!

Aug 31, 2008

Anyway... about school and eating I am a little nervous but I hope to have a plan every day and eating so little certainly is easier to plan for than what I used to eat! :) I am sooo spoiled in that my hubby cooks so I don't have to worry about that.
I just passed 6 weeks which means the start of a variety of healthy food instead of just protein so I am happy!! I actually had about 1 oz total of baked chicken, 1 oz of green beans from a can so they are soft, and 1/2 oz of fake flavored mashed potato (to make everything moist per my dr. ) last night for dinner. I and my pouch LOVED it so I couldn't be happier!
I have to make sure I walk every day and have NO excuses... that has been my only area of weakness. I did make a daily plan of all different exercises to use in  1 1/2 weeks when I get my full clearance for exercise. It looks like this:
Mon- 5:00 am 20 min Ellipse machine at home,
Tues.- 4:30 pm Body Flex class @ the Y for strength training,
Wed.- 4:30 pm Swim laps @ the Y while my daughter has swimming    lessons,
Thurs.- 5:30 Dance class (tap/jazz)
Fri.- 5:00 am 20 min Ellipse machine at home,
Sat. - 30 min power walk outside or tape
Sun.- 8:30am Body Sculpting class @ the Y for strength training.

Lovin my meats... hahahaha

Aug 24, 2008

Well.. as much as I was nervous to transition to meats such as chicken, tuna, chili, etc. I am loving them! They have so much more texture and flavor than just yogurt, cottage cheese etc. :) I was sooo excited that my pouch liked chili I wanted to jump up and down. I can't believe I still haven't thrown up (knock on wood) or had diarrhea. I hope my amazing luck continues....
I have been eating slow, chewing well and only eating 3 meals a day as my plan dictates.. so that must have helped.
Boy have I had to see every food that is tempting known to man lately though! Parties (7 in the last 3 weeks) galore, a scrapbook crop with the best food ever, ugh... if I made it through that I can do anything!
I can't believe I have lost 34 pounds since surgery. I actually am beginning to feel smaller!
Here's to keeping up the good work!

Things are still great- I hope I am not jinxing myself

Aug 12, 2008

Well... all is still good. In a few days I hit day 30 which is a change in my food plan to add to the liquids and soft proteins other proteins such as moist chicken, turkey, beef in a liquid, beans, etc. I am excited about this and pray my pouch will not disagree with any of the new foods. It's funny- it's a lot like a new baby- you try one thing at a time, see how it agrees, check for allergies.. hahahaha.  I had an amazing 2 week appointment with my Bariatric physician (who is also my PC dr) and my surgeon. They were so happy for me that all is going well. I have been walking more and even rode my bike one day, but am still not doing it every day yet as my surgeon wants me too. The weather has stunk which has not helped.. but I could do a tape too.. NO excuses! I just have to do it!
Anyway.. I have been on this site a lot, and love the help. My only complaint is I am getting a little freaked out by people's horror stories. I know everyone is different, but I don't want to develop any complications either.. especially with my families Martha's Vineyard trip next week and school back in session in a few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for me. The only frustration I am dealing with almost every night is not being able to fall asleep... but I got some natural melatonin to take so hopefully that will help. I see my PC dr Friday and get to try new foods.. so I will update after that!

Just passed 2 weeks after surgery and doing well!

Aug 03, 2008

I am so proud of myself... I knew this would be hard these first 2 weeks. Lots of people warned me... but honestly it wasn't too bad! I love the carnation instant breakfast with skim milk that got added to our nutrition plan for 2008 so that helped a lot. It has protein so my energy has been good. I started soft proteins the other day and at mealtimes have had 1-2 oz of yogurt, or cottage cheese, or sf choc pudding, or lf string cheese (my favorite). It is great to chew something at mealtimes.. :)
The hardest part so far is I have been to 3 parties.. at the third one there were a lot of people I didn't know and I kept getting offered food, cake, etc. I finally went outside and cried.. the emotional part of not eating things you like is tough. I have never been good at seeing the long term goal. But.. this surgery is giving me the strength to say no because I CANT eat the unhealthy choices and that is great. I have lost 16 pounds since surgery..about a pound a day.. which is amazing.  I have continued to stay positive almost all the time and it is really helping....

I am home and doing great!

Jul 22, 2008

I am so excited to be home and doing great! I have seen other people really complaining on here and I am not sure if I just heal well or have a great attitude.. but things are good!
I did not mind the hospital too much (getting woken up to get vitals done or blood drawn isn't too fun) but overall it was a good experience. I loved Albany Med- the surgeons, nurses, assistants, everyone was mostly friendly and very helpful. I had good pain management with IV pain meds until the last day I was there and then liquid Lortab which I am still on. The worst pain I had was a 3 while walking around the lap of the floor on day 3, the rest of the time I have been a 1-2. (Ten being the worst). I had open RNY and my insicion is a little bigger than I thought (about 10 inches) but is straight and beautiful.  I did not need a drain and was in less pain then the few laproscopic RNY patients I spoke to in the hospital.
My friends and family were so supportive and caring. Tons of people called me or my husband for days to see how I was. My mom gave me the most thoughtful presents and visited me a lot or watched my daughter so my hubby could come, and has made m homemade broth and such.  My 3 year old did well with it overall. I could tell she was a little freaked out about my IV and did not want to hold my hand while I had it, but was fine once I had it out. She is trying to be gentle with my stomach.. it is hard we snuggle and hug so much! My husband has been the ultimate rock he always is.. he visited me twice a day in the hospital, once in the mornings with my daughter and once in the evenings, is taking good care of her and the house, and of course of me. I am so lucky.

My story and I am sticking to it...

Jul 15, 2008

I am having surgery in 2 days.. for me it was a choice to take care of a serious problem before it took care of me.  A doctor I used to have said to me 2 years ago.. "You do know statistics are not good for someone to get to a healthy weight with so much to lose AND keep it off... only 5-10% WITHOUT surgery. I tried hard for 2 years to prove her wrong and then proved to myself.. I need the surgery to be a tool to help me lose the weight. Half of your body is a lot. But... I can do it.

I joined today and my surgery is in 2 days....

Jul 15, 2008

Hi everyone..
I decided some ideas and extra support in place would be important after my surgery. I am looking for creative protein ideas (once I can eat them..:) and other helpful hints and support.
Wish me luck!

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Exercise good- weight loss... not so much.
Back to school and the next stage of food!!!
Lovin my meats... hahahaha
Things are still great- I hope I am not jinxing myself
Just passed 2 weeks after surgery and doing well!
I am home and doing great!
My story and I am sticking to it...
I joined today and my surgery is in 2 days....