10 years today

Oct 15, 2018

10-year Weight-loss Surgeversary ??
10 years ago I made the decision to undergo the Duodenal Switch Bariatric Surgery to lose weight for a healthier life. I had struggled with my weight since I was in my early teens, turning towards food as an outlet to curb anxiety. In my 30’s my top weight was 325 lbs, just diagnosed with diabetes, lost my gall bladder, and my body was slowly crippling, I underwent the surgery. In just 2 years after the surgery I lost 185 lbs. my energy level was up, within the first month my diabetes was gone. I have a wonderful group of friends and support that also had the same surgery and through the years we continue to discuss the good and the bad results.
Since having my surgery I have guided and mentored many people through their decisions in the same or similar surgeries, some have gone through it, some have lost weight just by following my post-surgery diet. I have lost 2 friends that had this surgery for post-related issues, which keeps me mindful that it was not a cure all. I have transference of addictions, so when food was no longer an issue, I turned towards alcohol, which finally I surrendered into a 12-step program that I have been successful in learning about myself and why I use substances for my anxiety and issues, whereas now I have a god of my understanding and a great fellowship for support and friendship. I also didn’t take my vitamins through the years as my doctor instructed, and this has caused many vitamin deficiencies. My potassium, vitamin D, A, and E are all very low. I also got Iron deficient anemia where my body doesn’t make red blood cells on its own, so I will forever have to have iron infusions a few times a year.
I tell my story for anyone that had the surgery or anyone considering this form of weight loss, as yes their is a great side that we lose weight, however it is not a crutch, we still need to follow a positive approach to eating and following our doctors directions on nutrition, attending support groups, and watching for transferring addictions.
325 lbs and today 170 lbs
October 2008 - 2018!!!


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