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Jun 13, 2010

Hi everyone,

i havent been on her for a little while,ive  not felt too good.
My story could happen to any of us with a Lap Band.  Last week following eating a meal i became unwell, firstly i thought i had something stuck (chicken) which is now completely off the menu. I began to vomit and vomit unable to keep any fluids down. I then developed  diarrhoea, i persevered with this as i thought it was just a bug and would pass.  2 days later i had to go the the local accident and emergency department as i was so dehydrated.  the rehydrated me and let me go because i had managed to get an appointment with my Surgeon, (i knew something was wrong).  When i saw him he knew what had happened, i had vomitted so much that i had herniated my stomach back up through my band and it had become stuck and swollen.  My surgeon has fully deflaed my band and it has to remain that way for 2 weeks , and then i will be reassesed.

Please be careful eating, and if you have a bug be vigilant, it was an awful experience, one which i hope never happens again..


Post banded

Jun 06, 2010

Hi everyone,

I thought i would start this blog as a way of helping myself and others.
I had my band fitted on 26 march 2010 after years of struggling to lose weight and each time putting on an extra stone when the diet had "FINISHED" (sound familier) !.    juggling shift work and home and diet made it almost impossible to lose weight.

I had toyed with the idea of a band for a long time but money was always an issue. After a long discussion with my mum and thinking i dont want to be 70 like her and still struggling to lose weight , took the plunge and got banded.

I must admit i believed this band to be a magic wand! how wrong was I?. I am now realising that i have to work with the band and it is ultimately a tool to be used wisely.

I have to date lost 23llbs although i truly believed i would have lost more.  I now realise that in the beginning the amount i ate was more important and that has now changed to amount and quality, meal planning  low calorie food is important, also alcoholic drinks are empty calories which prevent me losing weight. 

Ill let you all know how i go


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Jun 06, 2010
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