I am home and doing well.

Feb 06, 2009

All those posts I would read and scratch my head over...I know understand MUCH better.  I keep telling myself it will get better and 2 weeks is not forever.   My biggest thing is relearning how much I can eat.  It always seems like I have eaten too much.  PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.    Enough whining.

Hello world...I'm 2 days old today!!!
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Tomorrow is the day

Feb 02, 2009

I have surgery tomorrow at 3:45 at Trinity Hospital.   I am going to consider Feb 4th my re-birthday. 

I am still not nervous.  I had a few, short episodes of nerves but I am more excited then anything.  I have been mourning the future loss of bread's and a few other foods.  After all, they helped make me what I am today.     
I found the first email that I sent about maybe having this surgery.  It was dated 9/11/08.  It has taken me 4 1/2 months from conception of the idea to surgery date.  It does not seem that long looking backwards but O'BOY did it seem like forever looking forward.


Jan 23, 2009


My Insurance was approved yesterday

Jan 12, 2009

The only problem is I was at work and could not shout out my HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Insurance was filed. (1/6)

Jan 06, 2009

Amy filed my insurance yesterday!!!!! 
Now I wait, some more.
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My insurance is changing (Nov 21, 2008)

Nov 21, 2008

This is scarry but I checked with the new company and it is covered and seems easier to be qualified.  Who knows, maybe it is a blessing.  I could use some good news.

I had my nutrition and psych consultations today and sched for the EGD on 12/10.  Almost there.

WOW (Nov 5, 2008)

Nov 05, 2008

I recieved an unexpected call today.  The Doctor's office called and said they had a cancellation and wanted to know if I wanted that appointment (My initial visit).
YES!!!!  YES!!!!  YES!!!!  YES!!!!

HOW MUCH LONGER do I have?? (Nov 3 2008)

Nov 02, 2008

I am still doing my six month sup. diet and still have 4 appts to go.  Nov is on the 14th.  I am so sick of feeling sorry for myself.  I know, only I can solve that problem.  I have done Weight Watchers for the past 6-7 years and the program is imprinted on my DNA at this point.

That being said, I have done some damage lately (figuratively speaking).  I am re-trying everything I can think of that I want and believe I may not be able to tolerate after surgery.  Doughtnuts, cake, cheesecake, fries,...I know I should be dieting, 6 month thing and all, and I am, sort of.  Until/Unless I get a co-morbidity I can only lose down about 14 pounds.  If you think I am going to screw this up that way you are out of your 
F_ _ _ ing mind.  I have managed to lose 2 pounds (and gain it back) in the last 2 months.  I have an appt for a sleep study on the 14th and if that comes back as I know it will then I will be able to relax and (wait a minute, this sounds totally backwards) lose some weight. 

I have been miserable eating what I want.  That is the honest truth.  (OK, I might not pass the psych consult.)  I have never been so bloated in all my life.  I put MYSELF on clear liquids for the last 2 days because all the fat/sugar has really done a number on my stomach.  I think I will just eat healthy again and see what happens.

OK...That was stupid... (Oct 31, 2008)

Oct 29, 2008

I found the memorial page on this website and looked at them.  It is very sad that people, myself included, have to make a choice which way they may die...from obesity or the surgery that could help them.

I gathered from the memorial I read that most of them would have done it again.  The chance for hope of a better life was worth the risk.  And so it is for me.   I'll spin the wheel and see what fate gives me.

Not a really good subject  for a first post, huh?

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