Stillwell R. Hunt

"He was my anestheiologist during a spinal block and I never went under keep telling his assistant the medicine was not working and since he was NOT there nothing could be done!"

John Mears

"I am one that has many problems with anethesia. Im hard to put to sleep and I also get sick easily. Then there is the fact I have bad viens. He was able to take care of everything perfect. One time he had a vien. No sickness and went to sleep on time and woke up perfect!"

Terry Kinnebrew

"Dr Kinnebrew has been totally supportive in doing what ever it takes to get me healthy agian. If he thinks it is above him he does not hesitate in saying so and send you to a professional in that field. He also takes the time to talk to you. Find out what other problems could also be a source to the ones you are stating. To top it all off He and His Nurse Jackie and Lab tech has been so supported physically and mentally. I can NOT say enough good things about This pratice to give it what it deserves. I also can not think of one bad thing to say either and for any of you that knows me you know what a critic I can be!"

Bruce Eich

"I am six weeks out. Dr Eich removed 11.70 lbs of apron and over 4 pound of lipo. Yes I was sore and yes it hurt for days but when you cut that much of a body off it should. He was wonderful at times when I tell him how much he has helped my life (I have degenerate disc disease) where I can now walk up and down the stair carry a buggy in a store instead of riding the carts ect. He looked as if he wanted to cry himself and told me thank you. I guess most plastic surgeons see a lot of people for vanity reason but to know he has made this impact on my back plus I have so much less pain in my knee and ankle then the incontenice problem was heeld not to mention several other things. I can not being to say how this one man has gave me back my life not just the shape of my body or a smaller size. He and is staff are a God sent for me!"

Kim Schmit

"Really liked Dr. Schmitts office. The others working there are very friendly and proffecional. I still have not went for the study itself yet. I am scedualed appro. 2 weeks "
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