Jun 23, 2011

So its been forever since i'v wrote.. we just got a new computer..thank god i was going crazy...

life has been crazy..alot of has happen.. alot of stress and more stress..and i need to say more stress!!!

Well i started at 287...
as of today 166.4

not at goal yet..and its been a year and a half since surgery....

i don't know what to do anymore..i feel like i'v gained weight and i asked my husband i said do i look "bigger" or that i'v gained weight he said yes... but i wasn't going to say anything and i pretty much wanna just cry..i started a new job 2 weeks ago..i'm an infant teacher at a childcare i take my lunch every day..and i'm up and down alot and i carry kids...
but i can't get anymore weight off... i need help please

i'm thinking about going back to square one and do protein shakes and liquid...and then go from there


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