Alright goes...I just turned 35 yesterday and have been overweight since about the fourth grade.  Looking back at pictures, I had a perception that I was much heavier in my early teens than I actually was.  In high school and junior high, I spent a good amount of time starving myself.  Of course, I am sure that did not do any favors for my metabolism.

You name it..I have tried it.  Weight Watchers, fat camp (aka fitness camp...I actually LOVED it),Nutri System, Deal a Meal, South Beach...the list goes on. Oh yeah, my bachelors degree in nutrition.  I get it...portion of meat the size of your palm or a deck of cards.  I have weighed my meat and measured my pasta and felt like I was so hungry that I could gnaw on the coffee table.  South Beach is what I was most satisfied with. It seemed like I finally had this thing in control when I lost 45 pounds on SB.  Unfortunately, I ended up gaining back all of the weight I lost plus some. 

So here I am.  WLS seems to be the only thing out there that has provided a tool to help a high percentage of folks to take it off and keep it off.  What keeps bringing me back to wls as the next step in this journey is the keeping it off part.  My Mom has also struggled with her weight for decades and had wls about a year and a half ago.  I am so happy to see her doing well.  She now walks 3-6 miles a day where before she had a tough time keepig up in the mall. 

 There are a million and one reasons why this weight needs to come off.  Health is at the top of this list.  Losing the weight is my best chance at beating the Type II Diabetes timebomb that is ticking away in my genes.

My decision is not 100% yet but I am moving forward with learning more and starting the approval process.  I talked to my PCP about it and she seemed supportive of the idea.  I am also deciding which hospital/program/surgeon.  The decision is between Brigham and Womens and Newton Wellesley.  I might go to info sessions at both.  I'm leaning toward RNY laprascopic but have not ruled out the lapband. 

Looking foward to hearing from pre and post op folks.

Things I look forward to after wls:  (will add as I think of them)

1. Sit comfortably in the seats at Fenway

2. Not having to buy my clothes in the 'Women's' section of Macy's or Lord and Taylor.  Also to be able to buy suits at Marshall's without being limited to the ONE purple or orange suit they are gracious enough to offer in a size 22 or 24

3. Hike up to Machu Piccu

4. Wearing some of those cute little T-shirts they make for women.  ie: Real women don't date Yankees fans

Edit: it will make me happy to wear a regular T-shirt and not have to strecth it out with my knees when I put it on.

5. Speed dating.  I try not to limit myself in what I do now but no way have I had the courage to go to a speed dating event.





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