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Jul 17, 2007

So I still don't regret being banded, but am soooooo disgusted with set backs.  Last summer after being overfilled & then unfilled to correct swelling of my esophagas I thought all would be okay.  I still can't be very tight at all, I am starting to get reflux again and heartburn everyday (reflux isn't like last summer though thank goodness), but my throat burns like it's raw not like regular heartburn.  & I don't have the heart to go back to Dr. Aceves for a check up since Patti passed away there.  On top of it all, my sis is going in to have a pituitary tumor removed in 3 days which technically is brain surgery but through the nasal passage instead of through the top of skull, & requires 6 weeks rest so I will be majorly helping her hubby w/ her almost 2 year old & 7 year old girls. In short, I don't know how much more I can take.  I am pertrified that my band has slipped causing the burning & minor reflux, but am praying it hasn't because I won't get it fixed due to everything that happened w/ Patti.  I really want my last 20(ish) pounds off so my hubby and I can start on baby #2, but have not lost since probably christmas  ???????  I have not had a fill in forever, but don't think I can get one anyway because of reflux/burning.  Whatever!!!!  I am still a perfect size 16 and look healthy but am disillusioned by this band........... & by myself--still can't eat without drinking, thus causing myself most of my failures w/ the band I'm sure!    
   :(   :(       It's the best money I have every spent & am so grateful I lost almost 100 pounds but man, I don't know what to do to get back on track............  I think I want to get completely unfilled & let my band rest while I have another baby.................??          J

So Sad Today!!!

Apr 30, 2007

    Today is a hard day for me just like the last 2 weeks have been.  I referred my mom's best friend Patti to Dr. Aceves for lapband.  Patti had already been approved for gastric bypass by her insurance, but her daughter (also a bandster) my mom and I begged her not to do bypass and please band.  After much pleading, in March we all went with Patti for her consult to see if she was a candidate.  Yeah!!! She was!!!  Dr. Aceves told her she would be higher risk though because she had stomach stapling years ago, hernia repairs and a cesarean.  Lots of scar tissue inside that tummy.  Patti asked Dr. Aceves if while she was being banded he could repair another hernia that she had been planning to have fixed.  No problem, why not do it all at once right?  
     To make a really long and sad story short, Patti was banded on April 14th, and hernia repaired as well.  She came out of a very LONG surgery and was up and about that same night.  By early next morning, dangerously low Blood Pressure, and major difficulties trying to go to the bathroom & uncomfortablness, the hospital called in an internist to check on Patti.  He immediately put her in ICU and called Dr. Acceves.  Dr. Acceves arrived and IMMEDIATELY took Patti back to surgery with the intention of cutting her open and seeing what was wrong.  Dr. Acceves and staff found a ruptured intestine that was leaking bowel matter into Patti's system.  They repaired the rupture and came out to face us with this horrible news.  Patti remained in ICU on a ventilator with blood pressure of 82/38, I think it was, and going down from there.  Dr. Aceves said the next 24 hours would determine her fate, and told us to go to the hotel and rest.  The next morning the internist told us that Pattis kidneys were shut down and she was very GRAVE.  Patti passed away in the afternoon of April 16, 2007.  I have not been through anything so difficult before in my life.  We were taken to the mortuary to make arrangements, Patti's daughter chose to have her cremated in Mexico so we would not have to deal with Immigration on getting Patti's body back home.  
     It was 2 weeks ago today, and let me tell you, I can't even stand to think about my damn band.  I know in my head that Patti was going to have surgery with or without our support, but dammit, that doesn't make our hearts feel any better............  I won't ever be sorry I became a bandster, but I am so sorry for Patti (& my mom who's heart is broken), that I don't see myself ever getting back on band track......................  We Love & miss you Patti!!!!!       Jami

A New Year!

Jan 02, 2007

Well,  today is 1/2/07.  I am almost 14 months post op and still not at my goal due to an overfill and now trying to get back in the groove of band life.  I am still happy as ever, but discouraged that I am eating more than I should and not losing.   Daily I get comments from people that they can't believe how skinny I've gotten and that I am perfect at this size.  I tell them Im still trying and want to go down 2 more sizes.  They look at me like Im crazy.  My skin is kind of sagging and gross so I am at a crossroads.  To Excersise or not to excersise????  In my head I know I need to step up the excersising, but I'm still in a fat persons body and am lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!   My hubby unfortunately is gaining weight as he eats everything I leave on my plate, so he's grumpy & talking about joining a gym, which I say is a waste of good money.  My mom encourages me to come walking with her, but I have yet to do it.  My sister says I need to get filled again.  My mother in law says she'll disown me (ha ha) if I keep losing, since I look beautiful (she's biased though, since she loves me unconditionally).  My mom also tells me daily how great I look and tries to keep me motivated, but Im in a slump............ Also, I can not stop drinking with my food.............. So of course I can eat more..........  Whatever, it's a new year and I need to kick myself in the tush and get going again.......................  Tomorrow is a new day thank goodness!!!!  :)

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