24hrs at home...

Dec 19, 2008

 It has now been four days since my DS and I am nearing my 24hr mark for being home. While the nurses and staff at the hospital were beyond excellent and there was some apprehension on coming home with a three year old and one and a half year old at home I can honestly say it does feel great to be back and in familiar surroundings. Other than horrible gas bubbles that move at will and with a vengeance at night while I sleep, the only issues I have pain wise are local to the incision spots and the uncomfortable belly swell issue when I drink a mouthful too much of water... and the left side incision seems to hurt the worst out of all of 'em. Over all I am happy that I have done this and undertaken the steps to return to a healthy life and get my body back to where it needs to be to be healthy for my own sake and the betterment of my family as well... Its been a wild week, but I am excited by this first step in my journey towards full healthiness...


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