Tracy Pitt

"I actually started at a group meeting with Dr. Medlin at SMDC. I had initially gone to the meeting thinking I wanted the lap band but because of a previous lap nissan, learned that I would not be a candidate for a band. I am so glad! I was impressed with every step of the program, including Dr. Pitt and Dr. Medlin. the surgery included a lap nissan take down, hiatal hernia repair and the gastric bypass so I feel very blessed to have had two such talented surgeons. They did tell me the dangers but didn't make me feel as if I couldn't be successful with the surgery. I do wish they had done more extensive blood tests BEFORE the surgery because I have read that some RNYers have much more extensive tests before the surgery than I did. That way, it seems I would have had a starting number for the blood work rather than a one year level on some things that are routinely tested. The entire office staff is professional, helpful and thorough. They train so thoroughly that didn't seem to have the "surprises" that others who have RNY often seem to be faced with. Aftercare is strongly emphasized and regular follow-up is strongly encouraged. I would rate the program as a whole a 10 and Dr. Pitt as a 9 simply because overall you don't spend that much time with the surgeon. Dr. Pitt's surgical competence is probably better than his bedside manner but his bedside manner is better than most surgeons I've met and his staff members are the ones you spend most of the time with anyway."
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