I did it with out surgery!

Nov 19, 2011

This last year I started my journey to get weightloss surgery. At 320 pounds My Dr. told me we were going with the vertical sleeve. But in order to do that, I had to lose 5-10% of my weight. He needed me to prove I was serious about this lifestyle change and the less I weighed for annastheia (I know I totally screwed that spelling up) the healthier it was was for me. I started my diet, as I did EVERY MORNING, but i knew this time there couldnt be a "i'll start again tomorrow" excuse. I always exercised, (apparently not well) But I found a local fitness place that hosted kickboxing. the kind where you wear gloves and kick and punch stuff, not cardio. Long story short I lost the 10% I needed to, finished ALL my necessary Dr. visits and chose to keep going without surgery. 1 year later I lost 95 pounds, and I am still continuing to lose. I dropped 4 pant sizes. NOW, I am becoming a certified kickboxing instructor. Who woulda thunk! My point is, if you really want to work at it it can be done with out surgery,for most people.


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