3 Month check up

Dec 12, 2012

Well I finally got my 3 month check up about 3 weeks late.  I had of all things Chicken Pox at age 54!!!!!!!cool  Not only that but it was over Thanksgiving so no get together with the family.  You don't know how much you enjoy everyone until they are not there.  The house was so silent.

Anyway back to the check up.  It was GREAT!!!!!  My A1C is 5.4!!!!!!  Cholesterol is still a little high but not too bad, might have to go back on the medicine for that but hope not.  The only problem I am having is that I still have no energy.  I have to push to do anything, even though I am down 70 lbs.  They suggested trying to get in more exercise, but when you have to push so hard to just walk it is hard to get more.  (even when I feel like I am flying when I walk now)  I can go to sleep just about anywhere again.  Still use the cpap so I know it's not that.  Oh well it will get better.

One thing is I'm afraid that I will wake up and it will all just be a dream and I will be so heavy again.  That is how all of the other weight loss things have seemed to work so just waiting for it to happen again.


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