"Methodist has a wonderful bariatric surgery program, with the best surgeons in the metro. The rooms/beds/everything is VERY accommodating to obese people. The bariatric program has its own wing where you meet other post-ops taking their walks down the hall. The nurses on the floor were GREAT! My only complaint is the care I received in the recovery room. I was in terrible pain, and the nurse attending me 'bribed' me with getting out of recovery sooner (to see my family) if I didn't take any more pain meds in recovery. So I suffered... Only to be transfered to my room, where my family wasn't even notified until three hours later when I woke up asking where they were. The RECOVERY NURSE had FORGOTTEN to page them to let them know they could see me in my room (needless to say they were pretty worried by that time too)! I was pretty upset about that, in fact, 14 months later, it still burns me. I was desparate to have a dark quiet recovery experience, and instead all the nurses were standing around talking about the fall invasion of the ladybugs! I wanted so bad to shout to them to shut the F*** up, and now wish I would have. My recovery room experience would never deter me from having surgery with Dr. S....honestly, after much research, it is my opinion he is the best surgeon in the city."

Charles A. Svendsen

"I visited (4) programs in the twin cities before I chose the PNC/Methodist program, and I am so glad that I did! I don't think I would have been comfortable with anyone other than Dr. Svendsen performing my surgery. I was completely at ease with him, and his whole staff. I believe him to be extremely skilled at laparoscopic surgery, and he has a kind and gentle manner about him that alleviated my fears. On the day of my surgery, my family was also very impressed with him and the time he spent with them explaining my surgery and my post-op lifestyle...and that meant so much to me! It has been said before, but his nurse Barb is the best! The PNC program is very comprehensive and has great pre and post op care...I just cant say enough about how happy I am with the choice of program/surgeon I made!"
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