3 1/2 months post op

Feb 02, 2009

This is the first blog I've attempted since surgery.  I look over the last 9 month of my life and can't imagine the changes I've made.  In April 08' I started the journey of changing my life through gastric bypass.  I started multi-diciplinary classes that were required of me by insurance.  Each month I would attend classes, logging everything I ate for the month and charting any weight I lost.  From April until my Oct 15th surgery date, I lost 37lbs just simply doing what I was told to do in the classes... eating small amounts, stopping when full, more healthy eating, etc.  My surgery on Oct 15th, changed my life!  Every day it seems like I find a new bone that I can feel, or new sagging skin to notice.  I'm down 70lbs since surgery, making that 107lbs since I started my journey last April!!  I still look into a mirror and don't see the loss as much as my clothes show it or people state it.  I guess I am more negative about myself this way. 

My husband has been my constant support from day one.  He even joined the gym with me early December, and goes with me every other day to work out with a trainer.  I have good and bad days with working out.  Some days it's easier, some days it takes all I've got to get it all done. 

I've also been walking a bit daily.  Twelve years ago, I was involved in a horrific car accident that put me in a wheelchair.  Of course, being overweight didn't help, and being confined to a chair only added more weight on.  I promised myself that after surgery, I WOULD eventually get out of this chair and walk!  I am now up to 400 feet with a walker!  There are days that I just don't want to walk, but I have to keep pushing myself to achieve this goal!

The biggest drawbacks I've had have been recently with some hair loss and overall feeling tired, depressed and just 'blah'.  My dr. believes it is a b12 shortage and has me trying the sublinquals until my 4 month post op in a few weeks.  I am also cold all the time.  I'm not used to that one,, fat people are always HOT not cold!  I was told with the large amount of weight loss vrs the short amount of time I've lost,,, gets the body out of wack and makes one cold.  I have to admit, I'll be glad for warmer weather for sure!

I have good and bad days.  I've learned what plateaus are and despise them!  There are many days I would LOVE a good ooey gooey brownie but I've done well with NOT going there!  I've treated myself to sugar free popsicles and sugar free hard candies.  That way I don't feel 'as deprived' as I could be.


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