5 Days Post-Op

Jul 15, 2008

Well, as of today I am 5 days post op! Everything went well. My biggest complaint is that I am a little sore from the hiatal hernia repair that had to be done. Other than that I'm great! I walk everyday and try to drink and eat all that I am suppose to. Sometimes it is hard to get all the liquids in because I just feel so darn full! My doctor was amazing! If your in GA I definatley recommend you go to Dr. Paul Macik! Not only did he ease my fears he was very good with the whole process! I go to him on the 24th for my post-op and I will keep everyone posted on my progress! Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers and well wishes! Love ya all!

Excited, Scared and Nervous!!

Jul 08, 2008

Today put me a step closer to the BIG day! I met with my surgeon for my pre-op and found out that I have lost 15 pounds!! 15 pounds gone forever! I also found out that I have a hiatal hernia that he is going to have to repair while he is doing my RNY. (Thank God for all of the tests that are performed prior to surgery.) I never expected this but I guess this is a good thing. He also started me on Previcid for my acid reflux.

I have also decided it is finally time for a change in my employment. I discussed this with my husband and was given the go ahead to make any changes that will make me happy! Of course I have to think of my financial role in our household that my job provides.

Anyhow, wish me luck tomorrow I have my pre-op with the bariatric clinic and the hospital. (The final stages before I'm a new woman!)

Pre-Surgery Diet

Jun 22, 2008

Well, today I am starting my diet required by my surgeon. I can have only eggs, cheese, any meat and green vegetables. 

I went for my last good dinner last night with the family and it was soooo good! But I know that I will be much healthy and beautiful when I have met my goal!

My husband started taking pics yesterday of me so I could do a diary of my weight lose. I've always been camera shy but I have told him to go crazy with the pics so we could see the progress!

I'll keep every posted as my journey continues! 

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Excited, Scared and Nervous!!
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