Emory Johns Creek Hospital (COE)

"I so appreciate the care and comfort afforded me at this facility and would give it a "10" on a scale of 1 - 10 (with 10 being the highest score given.)"

Paul Manocha

"Dr. Manocha is a very caring and compassionate physician. I would recommend him to anyone needing a gastroentestinal specialist."

Girish Shroff

"Dr Shroff is the most kind, compassionate, and competent medical professional I know. He's completely supportive of me pursuing WLS. He always takes time to listen and to talk to, not at, you. God bless you, Dr. Shroff. "

Christopher Hart

"I chose Dr. Hart after 2 years of research and benchmarking other patients. I was told over and again that Dr. Hart was one of the top two surgeons in the Atlanta area; with both equal in talent. Dr. Hart, even though he is less convenient, was also recommended because of his excellent support staff. I feel that a doctor or any other professional is only as strong as their support team. After visiting Dr. Hart for my initial consult, I know why he's the Top surgeon in Metro Atlanta (at least.) His knowledge and committment to you both prior and post surgery was evident. His bedside manner: Well, let's just say... If you're looking for someone to pat you on the hand and tell you "Poor baby, everything's going to be fine." Not gonna happen. Dr. Hart tells it like it is. Personnally, I like this. I'll take surgical competence over bedside manner anyday. Now his staff is both... comforting, but also direct and they know their stuff. "
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