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 hi all. I wanted to know if anyone else had this happen: I found out I'm pregnant when I went to get my second depo shot... I'm two years out from surgery and we're excited but I just don't understand how this happened?! Anyone else?? Anyone know why?

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When Can Eating Happen? - Hey guys! I made it through surgery!  It's been 17 days and the idea of eating makes me scared. I'm on puree diet until the 29th but I wanted to know what are some foods to stay aw...

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Surgery is Coming Up! - Hello all! :) My surgery is scheduled for December 1st. I am getting a little nervous. Wanted to know if there were any tips or tricks or things you were surprised by post-surgery...

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Vain, I Know, but... HELP! :-) - Hello amazing and brave people! Today was my first appointment with the surgeon, letting me know the surgery type, the risks, etc. The program takes about 2-3 months to get through...

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Post-Op Concerns - Hey all! I'm a 27 year old woman who is looking to have gastric bypass surgery within the next three months. I have major concerns about excess skin (I stand to lose about 150 lbs)...
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