Chris Mitchell

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  • BMI 28.5

Obesity & Me

Describe your behavioral and emotional battle with weight control before learning about bariatric surgery.

I have always been over weight, earliest I could remember that I was weighed was in the 8th grade (around 13), I was 270 lbs. I tried over and over through the years to lose weight. I succeed at times but gained it all back and more. My top weight was 397 in my yearly 20's.

What was (is) the worst thing about being overweight?

I like the outdoors, but beging overweight realy stops me from doing all that I would realy like to do.

If you have had weight loss surgery already, what things do you most enjoy doing now that you weren't able to do before?

I the time of this writing I am only 2 weeks post-op but am starting to see that I can move around a bit more.

Before & After
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