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Dr. Chin assisted on my revisional surgeon from Band to Bypass in 2014 while he was practicing in California. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him and am truly sad that he's now on the East Coast (quite jealous) but very happy that he will help countless other patients! I had several follow up appointments and he is very well spoken, extremely intelligent and you can tell he cares very much for the well being of his patients.


NYBG was with me every step of the way!


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When I first met with bariatric surgeon, Dr. Shawn Garber, and his team of experts at NYBG..I knew that my life was going to change forever.. and it did!

I was sleeved on May 24th, 2017. Despite all of my worries and concerns my weight literally came off daily, weekly and monthly. Dr. Shawn Garber saved my life! After one and a half months, I was off all medications ...Before I knew it life was totally happening!

Dr. Shawn Garber is a terrific Bariatric Surgeon with a wonderful reputation and warm bed side manors!
He changes lives in and every day.

I cannot say enough about him and his team of experts, other than Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I love me, now! What a terrific feeling!!!

Nicole M. Port Washington NY


My initial consultation with Dr. Kevin Small was not only relaxed and professional but warm caring and he gave me a very trustworthy feeling! It was exciting because I just felt so comfy as if I knew him many years!”

My healing process was right on point just as Dr. Small had told me it would be. Each visit got more exciting to see my transformation thru photos that were taken each visit so I was able to see the swelling go down and the scar slowly fade.”

The scaring as mentioned faded more and more each visit .. creme was suggested by Dr. Small to help me heal and keep the incision hydrated. I now am able to put a product such as dermablend makeup to conceal.. OMG you’d never even know I had a tummy tuck.

Dr Small is not only a fantastic surgeon but a family man. He treats me like family each time I visit. He talks to me in a very down to earth manor... always smiles and takes his time with me with any questions I may have (even with diet and exercise). Dr. Small truly really cares about his patients .. I adore Dr.Small and his staff !

I would recommend Dr. Small anyday.. Dr. Kevin Small is so very dear to my heart!”

Thank you Dr. Small for me giving me a sexy tummy at 52!

Nicole M , Port Washington NY

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I am coming up on 3 years post gastric sleeve. For me, it was the best decision I ever made in my life. I was 250lbs on my consultation with Dr. Garber and my total weight loss was 95 lbs. I am not happy to say that I have gained 10 lbs and it makes me very nervous. I feel that we can exercise all we want but the bottom line is that WE NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT IS EATING US! Our brain and our stomach are not friends with each other. Our brain tells us to keep eating while our "pouch" screams with fear! Remember, the procedures are not a cure. They are merely tools to help you be a healthier person. You need to be an active participant here! I have sent about 30 people to NY Bariatric for consultations and 20 of those people have had the surgery and have had good results so far. They will say though, that they are fearful of gaining weight back because they still have the same unhealthy eating BEHAVIORS they always had. We need to modify our day to day behaviors! Weigh food, eat protein, avoid carbs, exercise, log food intake, drink extra water and get sleep! Along with that, learn your triggers!!!


Dr. Eric Sommer is an amazing surgeon! I am a 26 year old female who felt so down and out all the time and lost the sight of happiness, Dr. Sommer basically gave me a whole new way to look at life! I FEEL GREAT! I lost 42lbs in 3 months and still going! I couldn't be happier! Not only is Dr. Sommer amazing but his staff is excellent too, especially Stephany :) THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS! HAPPINESS AT ITS FINEST!!!


My experience with Dr. Sommer and The New York Bariatric Group has been great. My surgery was very successful, and Dr. Sommer was terrific from the initial consultation to post op appointments. The process from my commitment to after surgery has been well organized, and the staff is helpful as well. I would do it all again!


Dr. Sommer gave me a new start on life. At 46 years old I was 286 pounds and had not had any lasting success with weight loss. A year before my first appointment I had started the process with an other doctor, but life got in the way so I needed to start again. A co-worker recommended Dr. Sommer. I called and got an appointment with in a week or so. After the first visit I realized I had found the doctor I was looking for and I never looked back. Dr. Sommer is always cheerful and eager to help. I feel like I can ask him any questions, he never makes me feel like I asked a stupid question, and he doesn't get upset if I ask the same question a few times until I understand. I have recommended a few friends to him and will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. Sommer for putting me on my journey to a healthy me.


Dr. Sommer helped me change my life


I am very happy with my weight loss progress. I am six months out had my sleeve surgery back in February 2015. Down 52 pounds and still going. Dr. Sommer has made the process easier. He takes the time to talk you through the process and which option is best for you. His staff in Cortlandt, NY, where I see him are friendly and patient. If you are looking to have this surgery you could not find a more caring doctor.


Dr Sommers is wonderful! He makes me feel very comfortable and he is a very good listener and always had a smile on his face.

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