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Absoutely 100% pleased with Dr. Graber and his staff!


Dr. Graber is really nice, and very supportive. I loved meeting him after my consultation, as he was very funny :) His office staff is amazing! They are always SO nice when you come for appointments or call with a question. His nursing staff is also really nice! It's a really well run practice and I would recommend him to anyone that is looking in to getting bariatric surgery. He did great with my surgery and I'm well on my way to a healthier thinner me!


My surgeon dr. w. Graber was wonderful.
the office staff is more than helpful.
the aftercare was wonderful, good bedside manners.
I can't say enough about the Dr. or all his staff they where just wonderful.


My first impression of Dr. Graber was good. He is quite funny! His staff are amazing. Dr. Graber is very thorough. Care while in hospital and aftercare was great. He explained all risks. I would rate him with a 10!
Surgical competence and bedside manner were great. I didn't see him much after but his staff and hospital staff are amazing. I would do this again if I had too!


Dr. Graber was FANTASTIC. His office and support staff have always been very timely, helpful and plesant. He visited me before and after my surgery to ensure I had no concerns, and even called my GP back in Canada the same day as my surgery to let her know all was done and done well without any complications!!!!


I am so happy to have Dr William Graber as my surgeon.

Have been to his seminars and found him to be a very well spoken and informative doctor that has his patient's best interest at heart.

Very fortunate to have had Dr William Graber as my surgeon, as other patients have told me that once their surgeon started the procedure and saw they had a fatty liver and stopped the surgery. I thank my lucky stars that I had Dr Graber as he saw the condition of my fatty liver and continue the surgery. It is a miracle.

I so appreciate the fact that he had faith in my body to heal itself and with the surgery to get my liver back to being healthier. I am not sure whether if I had another surgeon, if they would have continued with the surgery or not.

Thank you Dr. William Graber, without your expertise I would not be on the road to a healthier body and longer lifespan.


Dr. Graber works at a Centre of Excellence He is very efficient. Excellent service from both staff and surgeon. Very happy with my surgery and healing. Uneventful surgery with no complications, infections or issues. Great hospital and nursing care. Highly recommendrnrnUpdate: Almost 6 months later and I am still doing great have lost over 80 pounds, have had zero complications, and have not felt this great in many years. Wish I had done this years ago.


I went for the educational session the is required before meeting the surgeon On Dec 22, 2009. I had to leave our house at 2 am to arive there to the meeing at 8:30 am. The meeting was not much that I had not learned form Dr. Graber's on line site. I then met Dr Graber's staff and each of the staff had a specific part of the intreview to do with me.I then after getting weighed and all went in to see Dr.Graber. He was fast talking and funny. He made me very compfortable. He re asked all the questions that all his staff had asked. He was totally Awesome.Hernaddressed the pre-care diet and prep tests that needed to be done prior to surgery.He emphasize aftercare to be of great importance.He adressed the risks of surgery to be the same as in any other surgery. His staff presented me with an information book that outlines everything that I need to know about the tests, surgery and after care. THe doctor said that I would need to follow everything that he told me to do and take all meds as perscribed not to just quit th em when I was feeling better. He addressed all my allergies and explained what he could do to avoid giving me those meds. He was wonderful. He spoke to my husband and explained to hin that I would need all the support from him. THe doctor allowed me to ask any questions that I had and he answered them all.This Doctor seems co nfident and friendly. I have heard such positive things about him from my refering doctor and patients that I have met throught the Obesity help group. Dr Graber has scheduled me to have the surgery for Feb 11th 2009. I will only need 3 days of liquid diet prior to surgery.

Had Panniculectomy (fleur de Lys) done Sept 25th 2013
The pain in non existent. Just pulling where the retention stiches are placed as they are creating the new stretch marks in my skin. The doctor has told me that once they are released the sensation will disappear and the marks will fade to nothing. All in all I am on a fairly normal day. I tire easily but sitting at the table to eat and sitting at the computer working is fine for no more than 2 hours at a time. Then I need to get up and walk a while. I am allowed to go to walk outdoors . Which I love since it if fall. like I said since I tire easily I take a short walk twice a day for about 20 minutes each time. I have lowered my food intake since I am not getting as much exercise as I would normally. I am not allowed to go in the car since I had a couple of stapled areas that were removed open. All that was done was steri strips for a few weeks in those areas and voila good as new. I need to sleep on my back with my shoulders at 45 degree angle and pillows under my knees. I had 3 drains in but 2 have been removed. the one left is at the top of my thigh. I have home care coming every 3 days to remove every 2nd staple. so far they have removed 201 staples. There are 57 left to do. The thing that I do not like is that I am not allowed to take a bath or shower. I have difficulty scabbing over so they do not want me to wet the area. So I sponge bath 3 times a day to feel fresh. A small price to pay .LOL I will have something to look forward to . I had 25-30 lbs of skin and fat removed. I feel so much lighter. Now I am told that once the swelling is gone It could be another 8-10 lbs. that will be over a period of 6-9 months. All in all I currently have lost 10 inches at my hips. YEA!


I met Dr. Graber yesterday. He was very professional as I had heard that he is.
He is straight forward and to the point. He tells it like it is and gives all the facts.
His office staff is there to help in any way.


Doc Graber was a bit rough seeming at first. I was very nervous and didn't quite understand his humour. He came around quickly (assuming he picked up on my uneasiness) and became great. He was really dedicated to his work and knew so much. he answered all of my questions to my satisfaction and I was very happy with him. rnrnI loved the staff in Utica! Everyone was nice and acted like they truly cared about me and my journey.rnrnFuture patients should know that he knows his stuff, and does a great job! He loves what he does and it is so clear. rnrnThey STRESS aftercare. Infact, They wouldn't let me leave the hospital in Utica until I passed his \"test\" where he asks certain questions to ensure you're ready to go!rnrnThey have a very structured aftercare program. Post-op visits at 3 weeks, 3 months, and then yearly. They also do check ups and are there for you anytime you have a question!rnrnThey were very frank about the risks associated with the surgery. They wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting into. rnrnI would rate Dr. Graber 10/10!rnrnI think surgical competence is CRUCIAL, but for me, bedside manner was also critical - he was going to cut me open! I needed to trust him. I did!

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