Andrew P. Kramer

Bariatric Surgeon
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 with 45 ratings

Andrew P. Kramer Bariatric Surgeon DO

10 yr Experience

1 yr in Bariatrics

10 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

50% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 18

Max Age of Patient is 65

45 Reviews for Andrew P. Kramer
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I liked Dr. Kramer very much. He was personable and thorough in explaining things. Also, he has given me a tentative surgery date even though I don't have approval yet. His office staff has been very nice, friendly, and helpful.


I had my first consult with Dr. Andrew Kramer on 9/10/2002. He was professional, informative and honest. He spent over 30 minutes explaining the proceedure to my Father, my fiance and myself. We had many questions. Dr. Kramer was patient and answered us directly and honestly. I appreciated his giving us detailed information about how the proceedure is done and what to expect before, during and after surgery. He makes education about the surgery a top priority and takes time every Monday evening to meet with his before and after surgery patients so that they can ask questions and share experiences with one another. He addressed the risks directly. I understood when I left that this is a serious surgery with many risks and benefits. I am a nurse and went it with a certain understanding of the surgery but, I can say I was impressed with this surgeon.


Dr. Krammer is trully a doctor at heart he cares so much for his patients. The very first time to even now there is no difference he really is so helpful to each of us. His office staff almost feels like a part of our family they always treat each person with such respect and kindness. They will never know how they make me feel each time I visit because there just ain't no words to describe them. So Thanks Alot Dr. Krammer Your the best!!!!


Ever been to a doctor who just really makes you uncomfortable? Well NOT Dr. Kramer, he makes you feel that you are someone and does not judge you on your weight. He seems to be very understanding and is very friendly. He really stresses follow up and he makes sure you understand what will be expected of you after your surgery. Dr. Kramer has just lost 50 lbs. himself (Way to go Doc!!) So he understands being over weight and I think that adds to his special consideration for obese people. He is new to this surgery, but I feel god guided me to him, and that god will guide his hand in surgery. I will update this post after my surgery. But as of right now Dr. Kramer is my Knight in Shining Sugrical Scrubs!
I still feel the same way about Dr. Kramer. He is still a wonderful doctor, and even thought I got really freaked out after surgery he still helped me through it all. Thanks Doc Kramer, you are still my Knight in Shining Surgical Scrubs!


Ok, Starting over agin, today I went to see another surgeon for my consult, (the other one wasn't in network with my insurance,) I met Dr. Kramer today, and I thank God for him, The hospital is only about a 45min. drive from home which will be much better for me. They have a support group at the hospital on Mon. nights @ 6pm so I went back for the meeting and really enjoyed it, met several that are waiting for a surgery date, and several that already had the surgery. Everyone was very encouraging. I will update when I hear anything from the Dr. Sure hope it won't be very long, my gall bladder is acting up. keep me in your prayers. I told my husband how much I appreciate him for being there for me, He went with me to see the Dr. and he has always been here for me and I know it will be the same with this surgery, Thank God for my Husband, Darris

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