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Ayotunde Adeyeri Bariatric Surgeon MD, FASMBS

17 yr Experience

16 yr in Bariatrics

17 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

16 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

90% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 19

Max Age of Patient is 65

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I had a VSG in August of 2018 preparatory to a duodenal switch in May of 2019. Dr. Adeyeri and his staff have been excellent with everything ranging from pre-surgery care to post-op followup to insurance questions and issues. My results have been fantastic, which are partially the nature of my physiology and partially I'm sure a product of his excellent work. I highly recommend Dr. Adeyeri especially if you have a BMI of 50+ and are looking for someone who has experience with individuals in that area - I started with a BMI over 72 and have lost 210 pounds since I met with him sixteen months ago.


5 Stars doesn't seem like enough for Dr Adeyeri and his wonderful staff. . My initial consultation with Dr Adeyeri was fantastic. He never rushed me, and in fact took his time explaining the different possible bariatric procedures.. He was warm and congenial and I knew that I was in good hands. Throughout the months before my surgery, I called and emailed both Melissa and Mary Ellen with constant questions and concerns and they were always happy to help.
I ended up having the gastric sleeve in November of 2017. Now that I am 4 months out , I can honestly say its the best decision I ever made. Over 50 lbs down , still losing , exercising and feeling fantastic. I highly recommend Dr. Adeyeri .


I first started seeing Dr. Adeyeri in Nov 2016, once I decided the gastric sleeve surgery was right for me.
I first attended the bariatric seminar provided by the Institute for weight loss at Raritan Bay Medical Center. Dr. Adeyeri was not there that night, however, the bariatric nurse, Maureen provided the seminar. She was great! I really learned a lot more about bariatric surgery. Being a nurse, I was familiar with it, but there were still things I learned that night. And then I made the appointment for my consult with Dr. Adeyeri.
Melissa, the office manager, has been great through this whole process! She knows what she is doing and took care of everything! From helping schedule other appointments with other doctors to getting everything approved with insurance. She is personable and friendly and caring while being professional. If you ever have a question, she has the answers! She is very knowledgeable about the whole process from beginning to end.
Dr. Adeyeri is very professional with great bedside manner. He is very knowledgeable about everything that has to do with bariatric surgery. He is very open to questions and has the answers. He is friendly, but also stern when it comes to making sure you do what you're supposed to do. It's for your own good! I would highly recommend Dr. Adeyeri to anyone looking for a bariatric surgeon.
The nutritionist, Lori, who works with Dr. Adeyeri is also great. She walks you through your new diet before and after surgery step by step. And the dietician at the Institute for weight loss also makes sure you know what you're doing and is there to answer any questions.
I had the gastric sleeve surgery on March 1, 2017 and I couldn't have done it and come this far without the help of this great team!
It's certainly not easy but having the right resources definitely helps!


I first want to state that if you're on the fence about obtaining this procedure, please know that it truly is being reborn again. My only regret is that I didn't get it done years before I did as it has impacted every aspect of my life in such incredible ways of which are impossible to articulate. Living an obese lifestyle doesn't have to be what you have to deal with any longer. Contact Dr. Adeyeri and change your lifestyle, forever, too!!!

Melissa is an amazing asset to his team and is always available for every last question that you need. She was pivotal in helping to schedule appointments before and after the surgery. Dr. Adeyeri is a master of his trade, and he was very thorough from start to finish in what was expected, the procedure, preparation, foods to eat before and afterwards, etc. I know 3 other people who have used him too and they're eternally grateful for working with hom on this life changing decision.

If you're on this site, there's a reason, and you should 101% not only move forward with that decision, but do so with Dr. Adeyeri and his amazing team. I hope that this helps and wish you the best of luck...


I had my surgery on Sept 30 2015, I have never felt any better than now, I am grateful for this opportunity to let the world know that as a
patient of this surgery I have been able to regain my life again, my b/p has dropped and my sugar levels have come down 75 %, my knees
are feeling better since I suffer from osteoarthritis, I don't know what kept me from doing this sooner! I have two older sisters that had
this surgery done about 25 yrs ago,and I am amazed at the progress and changes the field has made to this date! Dr Adeyeri has informed
me of all the risks involved and he did a champion job, it wasn't easy since there were some possible deterents in my case. But the dr has
done an excellent job so far and I would recommend anyone to him, I have not suffered an y pain or discomforts since the surgery, except
the ones I brought on my own by not paying attention to what I was doing . But if you follow drs orders and ask any questions he will be
more than happy to help you I suggest going to the group session first then the seminar I learned quite a lot from previous patients that
I would not have thought to think about his staff is wonderful,they are there with you all the way! I thank you Dr Adeyeri for all



I originally met Dr. Adeyeri at a seminar on Staten Island, a first phase in which is required before you start the process. I found him and his staff very friendly, thorough and knowledgeable. At the seminar, he explained, in detail, the difference of each procedure and answered everyone's questions. When I left I was positive that I wanted to proceed to the next step.

I made the appointment to visit his office and met the rest of the staff. They were awesome. I cannot say enough about his staff. Melissa, is at the front desk and she warmly welcomed me. I have learned so much from Lori and Maureen that I cannot thank you both enough, and of course, Dr. Adeyeri who put me at ease as soon as I met him. The bariatric program is a process but the end result is golden.

I had the surgery performed on December 2, 2015. I am here today to say I don't regret it for a moment.

Thank you Dr. Adeyeri and his staff for a wonderful experience. I am so happy and I feel fortunate to have met all of you.


Dr. Adeyeri is a miracle worker. For the first time in my life I have real hope that I will attain and keep a realistic weight loss. Dr. A. is wonderful-he is kind, understanding and spends as much time with you as you need. I felt very prepared pre-op and post-op. Dr. A. is realistic and honest-he doesn't treat the surgery as a fix-it-all. He makes you aware that the surgery is a tool to use for the rest of your life. Since my gastric sleeve I am thrilled that I am satisfied with very small portions. I have lost my cravings for sweets and carbs (always my downfall). I am able to eat normal, healthy food. My blood sugar and cholesterol and blood pressure are low normal now. I feel WONDERFUL- I am able to climb steps, walk for long distances, stay on my feet for long periods. I don't spend all day worrying about what to eat-I have a plan and I stick to it. The weight just melts off. I had tried EVERY diet before this-losing and gaining a hundred pounds every ten years. I wish I had this surgery years ago. It has given me a new and happy life. I am so very grateful for Dr. Adeyeri and all he has done for me.


I had gastric bypass with Dr Adeyeri in April 2015. It was the best decision I ever made. When I came to Dr Adeyeri, I was 100 pounds overweight, I had high blood pressure and was insulin dependent diabetic. I also had serious chronic pain issues from rheumatoid arthritis. From the very beginning , his office staff was supportive and helpful to getting issues resolved with my insurance company and with answering any of my questions. His nutritionist was helpful in offering me information about different ways to get my protein and vitamins in when I was not feeling up to doing so. When I was admitted to the hospital in July for something that was unrelated, Dr Adeyeri was sure to stop in and check on me when he did his rounds as his office staff notified him of my hospitalization. It is now almost 6 months after my surgery and I am more than halfway to my goal weight. Dr Adeyeri and his office staff continue to support me on my weight loss journey and I am so thankful for him and his staff. I am no longer on insulin or any medications for diabetes or for high blood pressure and the weight loss has helped with my chronic pain. I look forward to getting better and more fit every day thanks to Dr Adeyeri and his staff.


I had been researching weight loss surgery for 3 years prior to seeing Dr. Adeyeri...I began the process with another Dr. but did not get "good vibes" during my experience with him and with his office. So I put everything on the back burner and continued to try everything under the sun to lose weight...I would lose 20, gain 20 back and so on. I had developed high blood pressure and sleep apnea...I could be heard snoring throughout the entire house!!

In May of 2014 I was recommended to Central Jersey Bariatrics and met Dr. Adeyeri and his staff. Dr. Adeyeri and his staff made me feel very comfortable and was "on the ball" guiding me through all of the medical clearances that I needed for the approval of my surgery. Dr. Adeyeri discussed all of the bariatric surgery options and made sure I understood the procedure. I had no issues or delays in getting everything in order. In early September I learned I was approved for surgery and was given my date of October 30, 2014. My heaviest weight was 260, I was 249 on the day of my surgery. Surgery went extremely well and I was walking around the hospital by that afternoon. Tomorrow, April 30th, marks exactly 6 months from my surgery date - I am down 78 pounds and currently weigh 171. I have not taken any blood pressure meds since the surgery. I am no longer snoring as well!

I would highly recommend Dr. Adeyeri for bariatric surgery. He and his staff are amazing! It is great feeling to go to the monthly support group meetings and to see him there often. My biggest regret is that I didn't find him 3 years ago! Thank you Dr. Adeyeri and staff!!


I was very frightened to have surgery , I am considered to be a high risk and could wind up on a respirator. Dr Adeyeri walked me step by step everything that would be done. Well I did not need to stay on a respirator thanks to Dr Adeyeri and his team at Raritan Bay . My experience with Dr Adeyeri has been wonderful from his staff in Holmdel to Raritan Bay Medical Center. I was in good hands . Thank you all for being there .

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