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Clifford Deveney Bariatric Surgeon M.D.,F.A.C.S.

30 yr Experience

8 yr in Bariatrics

15 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

6 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

80% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 18

Max Age of Patient is n/a

Biliopancreatic Diversion

Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch

Duodenal Switch




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I had a DS in 2002 from Dr. Welker who quit his practice about a month afterwards. I had no initial complications, but since that time I have developed malnutrition, severe Vitamin D levels, and disappointing weight loss. I started seeing Dr. Deveney in 2003 for follow-up care and advice. I am scheduled for revision surgery with Dr. Deveney on April 8, 2011. He performed a hernia repair and pannectomy in 2005 or so. Great follow-up...NEVER talks down to you or makes you feel embarassed about your condition. Tells you the risks and facts and lets you decide one way or the other on your own. He will guide you with a recommendation...but no pressure. I will post again post-revision surgery on how things went. I feel qualified to make this recommendation because I have been a patient of his since 2003 and have seen him busy...not so busy, and everything inbetween.

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I have only had a consultation with him so far. He was very professional and very respectful in his dealings with me. I did not feel uncomfortable about my reason for consulting him.
He answered all my questions carefully and gave me extra information that I would not have thought to ask.
An intern came in first and did the a questionaire with me. That made me a little uncomfortable but he was very nice and was as respectful as his Supervising Surgeon.
Dr. Deveney is the one that gave me the surgery information that had this web site on it.
I willl update as I go, all I have so far is a first impression. Now that the surgery date is going to be set I am going to be asking for references and all kinds of other specific information on him.
I am putting my life in his hands I want to make an informed decision. I'll let you all know how that goes.
I met with Dr Deveney again. When I first met him he made a good impression. He made an even better one this time. He really cares, he does not put any judgement on this surgery as being different from any other. In otherwords he did not treat me like I had a mental or moral handicap just because I was obese. I also found out he is a very skilled general surgeon as well as WLS. With a lot of Years of experience. OSHU is careful about thier Doctors they hire which helps too. They have the reputation for being the best OR has to offer. I really did not find any negative other than that I did not spend a lot of time with him, but that was all the time I needed and that the discussion required. He answered all my questions and my husbands and then we were done. I did not feel rushed in anyway. Also if you think of more questions you can always call and ask. He really reccommends Obesityhelp. In fact that was the first question he asked, if I had been studying this sight so that I really knew what I was going to do and what was required for after care.


I adore Dr. Deveney. I had complications due to an infection. When he was called to be informed on how bad things were getting-it didn't take long for him to get to the hospital. He talked at long lengths of time with my husband. He is a good man and a good surgeon. He has a dry sense of humor. I love the man and appreciate everything he has done for me. I would recommend him to anyone.

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In 2006 I had surgery for Gastric Bypass. My surgeon records he states I went in to the operative suite where I underwent a laparoscopic converted to open bilio-pancreatic diversion with duodenal switch. There were no intraoperative complications. I left the operating room in good condition. I had acute onset of abdominal pain on postoperative day 3 with symptoms of frank peritonitis. I returned to the operative suite where I underwent exploratory laparotomy and repair of a gastric perforation. There was also repair of an enterotomy with copious wound irrigation. Methylene blue dye was negative for leak. I was in ICU for over 52 days and the Hospital a total of 11 months all together. My kidneys are at 30% right now and I have to take Hectrol medication for stage 3 kidney disease . I have a very large ventral hernia that I will have to get taken care of some day.
So Please think twice when asking Dr. Deveney to do your surgery....

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I called the phone number before surgery to ask if he was a Christian because this was important to me. They said the doctor was a gentle man. I was relieved to find out how much experience the doctor had. The nurse practitioner ask plenty of difficult questions on my first visit. I lost 18 pounds before surgery. OHSU has good follow up care after surgery. I have been there twice since surgery and they got me on track. I am healed up pretty much now and feel good. My diabetes has gone into remission. My cholestrol is down and I am taking less medication. I have a sleep study scheduled for October 1, 2009 to readjust my CPAP machine or not use it entirely. My BMI was 51.6, after 7 weeks it is 44.5 and I weight 311 pounds.


I absolutely adore my surgeon, Dr. Deveney! He is incredibly skilled and talented in his work. He definitely strives for, and in my opinion, hits the mark for excellence. I have received not only excellent surgical care from him, but he seems to be thorough in the follow-up care as well. I had absolutely NO complications from my RNY. I would highly, highly recommend him!! If I had one thing I could change about him, it would be to just \"slow\" him down a little. Sometimes I feel like our post-op appointments are a little rushed because he is soooo busy. But other than that, absolutely no complaints!


Dr. Deveney did a great job. He has tons of experience and even fixed a nasty scar I had from my gall bladder removal. Now my scar is just a little skinny line. I had my surgery done at OHSU and it was great. To be honest I don't remember much of my time there. They were very good about controlling my pain. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. He is not the most personable man but he is good and that is the most important thing.


Dr. Deveney has a GREAT personality. He's very focused and serious but able to chuckle easily. He's a busy, busy man, but always made me feel like the times when I saw him as a patient he was focused on me an my health. I wish there were more emphasis on aftercare or follow-ups. I felt like I had all the resources pre-op I could want but that he was unaccessible post-op. His Nurse practitioners Susan and Vicki are easy to call and usually messages are followed up on if not the same day within a few days. I don't know if my expectations were unrealistic but I feel or felt that there was SO much emphasis and involvement pre-op and feel that post-op I am mostly on my own. I have follow up appointments about every 3-4months and those are great, but they usually are 5-10minutes and usually with the NP. It would be nice to have follow-up with the nutritionist and with a team physchiatrist as routine. It's really hard after this surgery and it would be nice to just know that your team was making sure you were ok and on the right track for this lifetime change. The aftercare program definitely needs some help in my honest opionion. Overall I would rate Dr. Deveney as an excellent, competent surgeon, and his staff highgly, but the aftercare program needs more involvement and more cohesiveness.


Dr. Clifford Deveney is taking me on to do my revision surgery. He seems very knowledgable. More to follow after I have my revision.rnrnFirst surgery first impression: Dr. Robert Rutledge is very knowledgable and easy to talk to. He and his staff work very hard to ensure every patient has their questions answered. Dr. Rutledge was good about going over our aftercare requirements. His manual he provides patients is invaluable as we navigate the various stages post surgery. I would say his surgical competence is superior, and his bedside manner is great too, while in the hospital. I started out very happy with my experience with Dr. Rutledge, but over time as I developed complications, my impression of him changed. At six months out I had surpassed my goal and continued to lose. I went to Las Vegas to talk to him about how to stop the weight loss. He blew me off, in person. And since that time he has pretty much ignored my communication with him except to send me e-mails that state \"you need a revision.\" He has ignored two fax requests, and two phone calls urging him to comply with my fax requests to send my records to my PCP. It looks like I will need a revision, and I sure don't trust Dr. Rutledge again, as I believe the reason for my excessive weight loss was taking too large of a bypass on me for the amount of weight I needed to lose. I would caution anyone using him to consider that his post-op patient care for patients with complications is next to non-existant. While I believe Dr. Rutledge does a fine job with his new patients, and those immediately following surgery, my experience of his post-op care for patients with complications has not been great. I also question his judgment when determining the length of intestine to bypass in his lightweight patients. This has just been my personal experience and is no reflection on what other patients of his may think.rn


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