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Eric Thoburn Bariatric Surgeon M.D., F.A.C.S.

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MY surgeon was a rather new Dr. named Tim Hipp...i was nervous at first because of his age and wasn't sure of his experience . He understood ,and i was reassured that Dr Eric
Thoburn would be in there with us .(He is like locally famous) Dr hipp has to be the best Dr i have ever met . He has great bedside manner and he doesn't spare the attention.. he is always there at my follow ups , he is GREAT!!!!
I even gave him a big hug and will always be thankful and grateful to him...100% 100%


I haven't met with Dr. Thoburn yet (have recently read on O.H. that he might leave the center in Gainesville! Hope that it's not true - or that he stays in the feild but not far away!!)

My uncle had gastric bypass with Dr. Thoburn several years ago, and is doing well, and has a good report for this doctor. I am hoping Dr. Thoburn will be around if my insurance ever decides to lift the exclusions from their policy.


Dr. Thoburn is a nice guy, and good looking. He took the time to answer any questions i had about the surgery. I highly recommend him to anyone. Thankyou and God bless.


Dr. Thoburn comes across as very professional. He tells patients upfront about all possible risks associated with this surgery, and makes it very clear that it is a tool for weight loss, not an easy fix. He very much expects his patients to do their part. He has a 1 year after care program, that you have to pay for prior to surgery. I am assuming once most people have paid, they are more likely to follow through. He also requires that you attend at least 1 support group meeting prior to surgery. I guess I will know more about his bedside manner after surgery. He has the reputation as being one of the best in his field. Everyone at the hospital (when I was having pre-op testing done) raved about how good he is. One hospital employee even told me that he is one of the ones that other doctors call for help. I am very confident in him at this point.

At 9 weeks post-op, I am still as impressed with Dr. Thoburn as I was at the beginning. I found his bedside manner to be just as good as any other physician, and he seems truly concerned that his patients do well. I would recommend him to anyone, and if I (or a family member) ever needs any other type of surgery, I would hope that he is available.


First impression of Dr. Thoburn was that he was very knowledgable. Office staff is wonderful, supportive and informative. Liked least, sort of a flat personality. Stresses aftercare, 18 months support. Personal discussion and power point presentation of all risks. So far, I would rate him 8 out of 10. Both surgical competence and bedside manner are great, but if I have to choose one or the other it would have to be surgical competence!

12/4/04: Post Op Comments - I am very glad to have had Dr. Thoburn as my surgeon. The staff at the hospital couldn't say enough good about him. While I didn't see him for more than a few minutes each day, he was always pleasant, concerned about my well-being and always making sure all my questions or problems (if any) were resolved or being taken care. Unfortunately, Dr. Thoburn is getting out of the gastric bypass business in the next month or so. I'm fairly sure that Florida Blue Cross/Blue Shield has a lot to do with this. It will be a loss for the gastric bypass community. Thanks for all your help, Dr. Thoburn.


Dr.Butler will NOT be doing my surgery He is retiring .2004

I will be seeing Dr.Robert Thomas from Bond Clinic in Winter Haven FL

8/9/04 I saw Dr.Thoams today again after the fight for 2 1/2 yrs to get WLS.I was glade to see him,When he first came in th eroom I said well Doc,I finely made it after 2 1/2 yrs and he said yes you did.So lets get this puppy on the road.YAAAAAAAAAA
I really like Dr.Thomas and his staff.They all where really nice and helpfuly.

Dr.Thomas even explained to me in deatail why it was safer for me to have open surgery instead of Lap,Because I have had so many surgies in the tummy area.
Dr.Thomas just makes me feel very comfotable with him.
Dr.Thomas is a 100% in my book.

geshhhhhhhhhhh another update
Less then 24 hrs before surgery WInter Haven Hospital called and cancled my surgery.,Said they werent getting enough money for my surgery.

I spent 2 days on the phone looking for another Dr and Hospital,I found a Hospital and a Dr,
The Dr.Eric Thoburn in Gainesville FL a 3 hr drive from my home.I have found only good reports on Dr.Thoburn.and now my surgery is schuled for Nov 15,2004 at 3:30 pm at North Fl Reginal Medical Center in Gainsville FL.

Dr.Thoburn is the best and he really cares about you and how you are feeling,I would pick him again in a heartbeat if I had to redo this surgery.


dr. thoburn is very professional and to the point. he lets you know up front that this is not the miracle fix by itself - you have to do your part also - but this operation makes it a lot easier to do. his staff is very well trained in dealing with questions and they were very friendly.the follow-up treatment with him goes on for 18 months.


My first impression of Dr. Thoburn was very good. He took the time to answer all of my questions and was very informative. The office staff were friendly and helpful. I really like the aftercare they provide and am confident with my decision to go to Dr. Thoburn for my surgery.


Dr Thoburn is very direct and doesn't cut you any slack when it comes to telling you like it is. He also doesn't have the best bedside manner but you'll get past that,it's just his personality. However, he is the very best and surgically competent in his field that I found after 3 long years of research. He was trained by one of the leaders in the field of bariatric surgery. I was very successful under his and his staff's care. I have since learned that I am not the only one who feels this way about him and would recommend him to anyone who is serious about changing their life and health. He and his office staff have a very very intense follow-up process after surgery and you will be happy in the long run that they do offer this service. You will find that it is necessary to have this attention as this is truly the most amazing thing you will ever do for yourself in your lifetime. Make it the best decision you ever make for YOU!!


He is a nice guy,still a nice guy.great office staff,there was nothing I didn't like about him,not real excited about his nutritionist...but she'll a pinch....I would rate him as an excellent surgeon..would use him again for sure.His surgical competence is better than his bedside manner, but I really didn't long as he did the job and did it well..which he did

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