Laura Machado

Bariatric Surgeon
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Laura Machado Bariatric Surgeon M.D.,F.A.C.S.

6 yr Experience

6 yr in Bariatrics

10 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

6 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

95% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 18

Max Age of Patient is 70+

49 Reviews for Laura Machado
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Dr. Laura Machado is the BEST! She explains everything you need to know in detail and is right there with you every step of the way. She's so down to earth, unlike other doctors I've seen. After my surgery she even checked on me to see how everything was going. Her staff is equally as wonderful. They are always willing to help answer any of my questions or concerns. I don't have a single complaint and would 100% recommend this surgeon for your procedure. I've already given her information to several of my friends.


When I first met Dr. Machado, I was completely put at ease. She has such a caring down home demeanor. I appreciate her honesty and candor. When I came to her office for the first time I was met by Jill and Jennifer, her front office staff. Both were very welcoming and helpful. They walked me through the paperwork and took the time to answer my questions. I met both one on one with Dr. Machado's nutritionist and in a group setting. We were able to discuss the pre and post diest plans. We taste tested several protein suppliments and received several samples. One the day of my surgery I met with Dr. Machado to discuss any last minute questions. She put me at ease and I felt very comfortable with my decision of WLS. After the surgery, I met with Kiley, Dr. Machado's PA. She provided information and what things I might expect in the next 12 hours. In addition, Dr. Machado came back to check on me and reinterated the things Kiley went over previously. I really appreciate Dr. Machado's bedside manner, her kind demeanor and helpful staff. I would recommend her to anyone considering WLS...

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My first impression of Dr. Machado was that she was down to earth. I actually thought she was an assistant when I attended her orientation. She is not pretentious whatsoever. She puts you at ease right away. I still feel that way six months after having met her. The office staff, although quite friendly, has a lot to be desired. They lack organization in respects to follow through. You will have to be your own assistant to make sure they do what they say they are going to do. They blame their systems when they cannot find paperwork you have given to them. Keep copies of everything you give them. The therapist/nutritionist gives the impression that she dislikes her role there. Having to meet her on an almost monthly basis for 6 months (depending on your insurance requirements) is a complete waste of time. You will not get any benefit from seeing her other than going through the motions for the sake of having the insurance company satisfied. She does not compliment Dr. Machado’s down to earth ways. If you have a choice of having the surgery at the hospital or surgery center, choose the hospital. You will get better care. Her biggest failure is in not having a structured aftercare program. I believe her to be a competent surgeon. She has good bedside manners. She must have too many patients though, because after surgery, you are just a file to her. After surgery, she will have Kiley, her assistant; handle questions or issues, which I do not like. I do not regret having the surgery; I just wish I would have been better prepared to deal with the life changing events that this this surgery forces you into. Dr. Machado gets 4 stars from me, her staff I give them a 2, so I figured a 3 overall was fair.


After considerable research, I came upon Dr. Machado even though she is hardly convenient to my location. My first impression was via the intake seminar. To remain concise, I was most impressed with the realistic and balanced information she provided as well as her testimonials and track record.

That impression increased during my consultation. She encouraged me to ask questions and really settled in to find the best option for me.

For the most part, I adore her staff. They are pleasant, helpful, and really willing to work you through the process. The exception would be her in house nutritionist, whom I find combative and unconcerned with patient understanding or any questions that might arise through the process.

That is one of the two things I find I like least about the program. I find the dietitian unprofessional and counterproductive to a healthy experience. In addition, when I began this process, I specifically enquired as to ways to minimize appointments, as it is a 5 hour trip for me. I was assured that was no problem, and yet I've been down there on at least four occasions for useless appointments that could have been handled with a phone call or via contact with my local physician.

As a local prospective patient, I do not think there is anything remarkable to consider before choosing Dr. Machado. If you are coming from any distance, I think you need be prepared to make frequent trips.

Aftercare is receiving a decent amount of emphasis and I do know that there is an extensive aftercare program, but as I'm not at that point yet, I would not feel comfortable rating it.

In fact... I do not think I feel comfortable with any over all rating until I have completed my surgery. I intend on coming back and finishing this up upon completion of surgery and at least a couple of follow up meetings.

I will address the last question. Of course, having surgical competence and a good bedside manner together is the optimal situation, but this is a rather serious surgery and I've not yet heard of anyone dying or developing complications from a poor bedside manner. If putting emphasis on one, I'd prefer surgical skills over social skills.


Hubby and I went to her seminar about months before we really started to jusp though the hoops for the surgery. We both liked the way the information was presented and the way that afterwards, if anyone had a question, she would answer them personally. Then with our initial consultation, she was straight forward and took the time to answer both of our questions. All of her staff have been friendly and helpful. So far there is nothing bad I can say, and I expect that will stay the same way though out our experience with her. I will add more as time goes on... 15 month up-date: Surgery wise - doing great... found that there wasn't much after support through Dr. Machado's office - really kinda disappointed there - had to find outside support (forums). Haven't seen her since my 1 week post op check - always one of her 'staff' - and still charged full price for the rechecks. Oh and they recommended Flintstone Vitamins - sigh... but surgery wise - no complications which is a good thing!


My first impression was how down to earth and real Dr. Machado was. She was straight forward with her answers and had a sense of humor which helped as well.
The office staff is absolutely amazing. Julie answers emails and phone calls immediately and goes out of her way to make sure that questions get answered.


My first impression of Dr. Machado was how normal and down to earth she was. She actually got ice chips for me when I was in pre-op. I'm a nurse and it impressed me that she did that for me herself, and didn't just have the nurse do it. My impression of her has not changed over time. The staff at her office are great. I just love Julie and Jennifer. They are awesome!! There have been 3 PA's in the last year. The first one was horrible (can't remember her name). Gretchen was great. Just met Kylie today and she seems ok. She's fantastic at accessing the port! This turn-over of PA'S/nutritionists make it a little hard because I always feel like I'm starting over with building the relationship. rnrnThe thing I like least about my Surgeon? The only thing I can think of is the distance from my home, but that's not her fault. Future patients should know that Dr. Machado is a doctor you can depend on. The whole program runs incredibly smooth. I would rate Dr. Machado and her staff as a great big 10!!!


Very real and approachable. Positive and supportive approach. All-female staff at the office is great. They remember my name every time I go back. Dr. Machado noticed a hiatal hernia while she went in for the RNY and fixed that as well---no more daily heartburn! Pros and cons were addressed and there was plenty of time for questions. It never felt hurried or unimportant. Great bedside manner. This is a Bariatric Center of Excellence. I believe there are only 4 in California. The hospital experience was also great. It was much less anxiety provoking than I had imagined, and I had never been in the hospital before or had surgery. Would recommend highly. The only bummer was that she did not offer the DS, only lap-band or RNY. I did the RNY.


laura machado was my surgeon, i would reccomend her to anyone thinking of having weight loss surgery. she is a great doctor with a very caring staff, willing to offer you any help possible.


I can't express how much I LOVE Dr. Machado and everyone else in her office. She is simply awesome! She is extremely knowlegeable and takes the time to answer any questions you have no matter how long it takes. And, unlike a lot of Dr.'s and offices, they all have a great sense of humor. I would absolutely recommend her and her office over and over again!

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