Lee Trotter

Bariatric Surgeon
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Lee Trotter Bariatric Surgeon D.O.

10 yr Experience

2 yr in Bariatrics

15 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

2 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

45% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 18

Max Age of Patient is per PT

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I really like Dr. Trotter, he convinced me that RNY over lapband is what I needed, for reflux problems. Still enjoy seeing him at my monthly appointments. His nurse Abbi is great too, she seems to fail on returning phone calls though..after care is anything u feel up to do, 2 weeks of softs, we were to see him monthly, he explained alot about suregery so I was ok even going in, I would rate him an excellent, I love Dr. Trotter and am glad I drive the 2-2.5 hr drive to see him and Abbi...both is great on that last question


Dr. Trotter is now in Rapid City, SD.


Dr. Trotter has been wonderful. He is very up front and honest about what is needed to make this journey a success, and listens to and addresses your concerns. He genuinely cares, and wants only the best for you. Others I have talked with that have had surgery performed by him reaffirm my impression. Although a little frustrated at first with the office staff and their procedures and the mixed messages I was getting between the doctor, his office staff, and the bariatric nurse, everything has proceeded very well. Linda Cox, the bariatric nurse, has been an angel for me and even provided me with her home number before the surgery in case I had concerns over the weekend after surgery. rnrnSomething that I do think is important is that Dr. Trotter has an aftercare program in place which includes monthly visits with him and a monthly bariatric support group. I attend this regularly and have found it to be a valuable tool for my success.


I first met Dr. Lee Trotter at a seminar he had about the surgeries he performs. He did not sugar coat the risks and went through them thoroughly. He was not there to sell what he does but let you know what your options are. He stayed after the seminar and answered a lot of questions. The very next day, I started my journey to get all of the pre-surgery appointments and tests done that were required before you are considered for WLS. My first office visit with Dr.Trotter was very informative and he was very pleasant. He answered all my questiions. We agreed that the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy would be a good surgery for me. I had my vsg surgery on 10/20/08. I have had at least 3 follow-up appointments since with Dr. Trotter and he and his staff have always been professional and make coming in a good experience. I would recommend him to anyone that is considering WLS and I would do it all over again if he was my surgeon! Thank you Dr. Trotter for helping me get my life back!


My first impression of Dr. Lee Trotter is what a compassionate man. I have only had two visits with Dr. T and at this time I still feel that he is very compassionate. Dr. T's office staff is very friendly and professional. At the present time I am very satified with him. Dr. T does not judge you, he is there to assist you in anyway that he can before and after the WLS. Dr. T firmly believes in aftercare and follow ups. Dr. T has in place for all his patients many professionals to assist in the aftercare. Dr. T did address the risks and then advised that \"EVERY SURGERY\" not just this one has risks. I do wish that we would have spent more time on the risks part. My overall rating of Dr. T is what a wonderful man. I believe that a doctor needs to be very competent in what they do and also in their bedside manner.


My first impression was \"oh goodness he's so young\". But young is good...and not younger than me so that was a bonus. :) rnrnAll I have to say about Dr. Trotter is that it seems that he truly takes the time to make sure his pt's are educated. In the 2 weeks prior to my surgery I have had so many questions. All I did was email him and he got back to me the same day with honest answers.rnrnI really like Dr. Trotter he is so nice and down to earth. He wants you to be excited and look forward to the \"new\" you. rnrnSo overall great surgeon and wonderful bedside manner!!rn


UPDATE: 33 months after my original WLS, I had to have a revision due to some previous complications. I was referred to a new surgeon here in Carson City NV who has since moved to Spokane WA. I researched him extensively through here as well as other avenues. There are so many wonderful things I can say about this man but first and foremost, he saved my life on April 6th 05 and for that I cannot thank him enough. Basically, the man has rocked my world and that of my family as well. His knowledge and confidence led me to have no fear going into a surgery that I might not have walked out of. His hands are truly guided by the man upstairs and I would never want another Dr. after him.... I think the world of him. If anyone is in the Spokane WA area looking for a WLS I would recommend him in a heartbeat to ANYONE...rnrnTHIS INFO BELOW IS FROM 2002 NOT TO be confused with the revision that Dr. Trotter did....rnDominic Heffel did my 2nd and 3rd surgeries in California. I did not meet Dom until I came out of the coma. He was not my first surgeon, but he is the one who saved my life on my 2nd surgery and he also did my 3rd surgery. My first impression was to give him a kiss because I thought he was my hubby. They look alot alike. rnHe is a phenomenal surgeon. He came in twice a day every day I was in the hospital and explained everything in detail. I can't say enough about this wonderful man. rnHe is now practicing Plastic Surgery in Florida, so all you guys near Jackson Memorial have to look him up for the TT's and lifts and stuff. ;) rnOverall, I would say that he anyone who keeps you alive is a valuable Dr. The only negative thing I can think of was when he had to cut some dead tissue out of my incision and he was dangling this gross piece of stuff and said to my hubby, \"Hey Jim, you wanna go fishin? I got the bait!\" ewwwwwwww. :) rn


My first impression of Dr. Trotter was great, I waited to meet him until after I had all my pre-testing done so we could get right down to business, he seemed very pleased that I knew so much about the procedure and had decided what type of surgery I want. I went with a list of question's and he answered them all. The office staff was great his PA Matt runs his seminar's and it was great me and my husband were the only one's there so we got a personal tour of the hospital room's. Dr. Trotter emphasizes after care very much he believes this surgery is for your health and that is all. He has a great bedside manner as well opping off joke's, one of my question's was how long after surgery can you resume sexual relation's he said Oh go home and tell your husband it'll be at least a year! then he just lughed said when ever I'm comfortable with it is ok! I am so please Dr. Trotter is going to be my surgeon another woman here where I work used him and she looks fabulous!
I would recommend him to everyone in and out side of my local area, travel to see him, he's worth it!


At the time I had my bypass Dr. Trotter was not doing the procedure and I had to travel out of state. However when I developed difficulties and needed surgery, he was available. He did a fantastic job. He did start doing the gastric bypass lap or open in 2002 and the education and testing he required was extensive. I attended several of the orientations and highly recommend him to anyone who is considering the surgery. He spends as much time as necessary with each person when they come into his office. Consequently, he usually always ran late, but his patients knew he cared. He strongly encourages after care support groups, nutritional requirements and regular lab tests. He, I felt, explained everything very carefully and made sure you know what was expected. The surgery is only a tool, no quick fix. Negative, I would have to say his choice of office nurse was not always the best. His nurse had to stay on top of things and sometimes, they did not. I would also have to state that I don't think a full liquid diet for 4 weeks after hospital discharge is necessary, but it does depend on the patient and how they are handling clear and full liquids. This is however, my own personal opinion.


My first impression of him was excellent and it continued over this entire time. The office staff was great.
I have NO negative thoughts about Dr. Lee Trotter. I think he is great!
He has very good patient bedside manners. He takes time with you in the office and the hospital, so everything is clear in your mind.
He emphasizes the need for after care. He checks your fat and muscle loss or gain.
I trusted Dr. Trotter from the very beginning. This includes the surgical and the bedside manner he has given me.
He made special trips to our support meetings in Pierre, which was vrey appreciative. This was the greatest!
I think he explains all the risk there are in the surgery to put your mind at ease.
I would rate Dr. Lee Trotter as EXCELLENT!!!

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