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Morris Washington Bariatric Surgeon MD, FACS, FASMBS

32 yr Experience

15 yr in Bariatrics

32 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

15 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

100% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 14

Max Age of Patient is 75

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30 Reviews for Morris Washington
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On March 19, 2014, Dr Washington performed the Gastric Sleeve bariatric Surgery on me. My admiration for Dr Washington is one that he earned. He runs a tight ship in his office and in the operating room. He expects excellence from his staff and has the same standard for himself. My support person is my husband. Doctor went through the surgery step by step for both of us, not less than three times, even showing us the device that staples and cuts the stomach down in size. He explained it so well that to this day I also can explain it. When you are his patient, he is there for you ALWAYS both before and after surgery 24/7. I am over five years out from my surgery. I lost 100 lbs in nine months. I have my health back, I have energy which was an issue for me for years. I am 71 almost 72 years old and attend a church where most of the congregation are young people. The kids tell me that I never look or act like a senior citizen and hope they are like me when they hit my age. Dr Washington loves all his patients both past and present and we all love him as well. His track record is impeccable. You do have to obey his instructions though. If you do not, he could cancel and reschedule your surgery but only because it could be detrimental to you. If you love yourself, and you should, Dr Washington is the best and you should want the best life has to offer. My Dr. Washington is just that.

May 31, 2019


Dr. Washington performed a gastric sleeve on me in June 2015. I had struggled with being obese my whole life. I finally reached a weight of 324 lbs at my heaviest. My primary care doctor was doing an exam on my legs and feet. As he was rubbing my feet and checking on veins that I was having issues with he said, "You are going to be in a wheelchair in 2 years if you don't get this weight off NOW. Your small frame can't take the weight any longer". I knew I was big. I knew I was having issues walking and veins tearing in my lower legs. At that moment I saw my two small children flash in my mind. I said no sir I won't. He smiled. My doctor asked me what did I want to go do once I lost the weight, go shopping? I started to cry a little. I said I want to go to an amusement park and actually get to ride rides. He gave me my information and soon after I was in Dr. Washington's office. I felt comfortable from day one. I didn't feel like I was being talked down to or criticized for being obese. Fast forwards. . . I now fluctuate between 142-148 lbs. That's a total weight loss of roughly 180 lbs. I don't fall down with ripped veins in my legs anymore. I can shop at a variety of stores and not order my clothes offline. I can go in a restaurant without being embarrassed that I can't fit in the seat. On August 23, 2017 I went with my family to a waterpark. I got to ride the rides and sit in floats. For the first time in 18 years I didn't have to watch others having fun. AND on May 14,2019 I "walked" across the stage as a college graduate with honors at the age of 36. None of this would have been possible without Dr. Washington performing my weight loss surgery. This is truly a life changing experience!

May 16, 2019


Morris J. Washington, MD will forever be an important part of my life. Obesity had been a struggle for me since childhood. After losing my 19-year-old sister in a car accident in 2009, I turned to food for comfort and continued gaining weight. I was miserable and felt as if I would never have control of my body again. After hearing, “Misty, you are a walking stroke”, and borderline diabetic; which led to taking blood pressure and cholesterol medicine daily, I knew it was time to do something or I wouldn’t live long enough to see my Sons graduate. I began to pray for the Lord to help guide me wherever I needed to go for help.
I often had bad days, but this day, I was having a bad “fat day” so I started searching online for Bariatric Surgeons in SC. An article popped up on my computer regarding a Bariatric Surgeon by the name of Morris J. Washington, MD. I immediately called to schedule my consultation. Dr. Washington took the time to explain all my options, details and risks of bariatric surgery. He was very patient and addressed all questions and concerns that my Husband and I had at the time. Dr. Washington was very honest and trustworthy at a very critical time of my life. After a visit to his office, we decided the Gastric Sleeve procedure would be the best option for me. I was sleeved on May 7, 2012 and because of the Lord, Dr. Washington, and the support from my family, my life has been changed forever. Seven years later, I am blessed to say, “I am down 128 lbs. and not taking any medications. Thank you, Dr. Washington for helping me with the best decision I could have ever made regarding my health. I couldn’t imagine this journey without such a selfless, supportive physician.

April 15, 2019


Dr. Washington was absolutely amazing. He took his time in explaining the procedure and answered and questions or concerns I had. He is very considerate and has a wonderful bedside manner. He cares deeply about his patients and I was blessed to have him work with me!

April 10, 2019


Dr. Washington did my VSG in July 2012 and he was very informative. I have had no complications to date. I would definitely recommend Dr. Washington! His office staff were great as well.


Dr. Washington is an EXCELLENT surgeon. He is caring, compassionate, and has great bedside mannor. You can tell he really cares about his patients, individually. He don't just do his job, he IS his job. I would recommend Dr. Washington to anyone. I wouldnt have chosen any other surgeon. He made me feel safe and i knew he was on top of things. When i started running a fever, even though it went away, he kept me another night. He's always got a smile on his face. I thank God that i found Dr. Washington!

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Dr. Washington is a great doctor. I have not yet had my surgery, but when i first met him during my consultation, he had a warm smile and made me feel at ease. The day of my EGD he let me know that day that everything looked fine and was very caring. He has great bedside manner and i am so glad that he's doing my VSG.

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It's been 10 months since I received the laproscopic Gastric Sleeve procedure. I am very young compared to most of his patients, and as far as I know, I am his youngest. I was 15 at the time and it was a very big, and scary decision that I had to make. I probably wouldn't have been able to go through with it if I had any other surgeon. He was so kind, yet very diligent when he needed to be. At first he was very skeptic about preforming the surgery to someone as young as me, but after conversing with him about my life long struggle, he believed in me. Which helped me believe in myself also. I would recommend this to anyone who is considering this. I may be young, but I fully understand everything about this surgery along with the benefits and complications. I have 0 regrets as far as having this surgery. Dr. Washington helped change my whole life. My highest weight was 408 lbs, I am now 242 lbs and lost 166 pounds. I went down 5 shirt sizes, and lost 14 inches off of my waist. I'm still loosing and very grateful. Thank you so much Dr. Washington!

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Since my bypass on November 18, 2009, I have lost 118# and am very close to being at my goal. Dr. Washington has been a blessing in my life; deciding to have Gastric Bypass surgery was the BEST decision I have ever made. Since Dr. Washington is now in SC, the lucky patients he is seeing now will benefit from his clinical expertise and excellent beside manner. Both he and Emily are outstanding practioners. My loss in NJ is South Carolina's gain. From a former Operating Room RN, I know all their future patients will be excellent hands!

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Dr. Washington and his staff answered every question I had, at the seminar he hosted, in his office for consultation and in the hospital when he saw me 2x daily for my stay. He is the utmost in professionalism, kind, considerate and an OUTSTANDING, Board Certified Bariatric surgeon. I felt comfortable with him from the first moment I met him, and that hasn't changed. He emphasizes education from the seminar to pre/post op support groups. I've known what is expected of me from the beginning. I've met with the dietician (Julie) in his office, gone to 3 support groups pre-op and plan to make every one I am able. Dr. and his 2 Physician Assistants have made 2 out of 3 of the groups and willingly answer questions as needed. He has EXCELLENT bedside manner and OUTSTANDING surgical competence. I have nothing negative to say about him at all. The wait time in his office has been minimal, staff is professional, organized and throrough. I have been working in the OR for 28 years and would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Washington! (These are my personal impressions based on my own personal experiences. I am making no statements about what other people may experience.)


Today was my first appointment with Dr. Washington. I had my lapband surgery in March 09, but the doctor who performed it left his Conway, SC practice. Dr. Washington and his PA, Emily Choi, have just relocated from New Jersey and reopened the bariatric office in Conway. Dr. Washington was very friendly, informative and a good listener. He performed my "fill" pain-free and competently. He informed me of upcoming support group meetings and Dr. Washington recommended this website to me as a tool to help me along my journey to much better health. I was very pleased with my visit and the one-on-one time I spent with Dr. Washington and his staff.


Loved my surgeon and his staff. He does ALL the procedures himself, both before, and if needed, after. When he says to call any time, he means it. Returned my 3 am call within 5 minutes. His staff is always pleasant and friendly. If you call with a problem, they don't say come in next week, they tell you to come in immediately, someone will see you. Excellent follow-up care!

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