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Dr. Nancy Marquez is amazing. She is caring, thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent, down to earth, and straight forward. She is truly a blessing. She checked on me everyday at the hospital. She answered all my questions. She went over things that I had forgot to ask. She is a wonderful doctor. I would recommend anyone wanting WLS to Dr. Nancy Marquez!


Dr. Marquez was very professional and very explanatory as to what was going to happen pre surgery and post. She does seem to really care about the post care of her patients. I am 4 days post surgery and the incisions are very small and everything seems to heal.


Am i the only one with a bad experience with this doctor? I have lost a year with her, before i changed doctors, and he found the leaking port on my first visit. Was the first thing he checked, just a simple test. She never listened to me, telling her that I had never gotten to the RIGHT fit, that it was like nothing was done. Why didn't that tell her something? And by the way, not one doctor there in Round Rock would take me as a patient after what she put on her report.
I feel they all owe me an apology which i will never get, but at least i now have a great doctor.
BTW, getting the port replaced on 5-25-11, a year later. Have had NO weight loss, but,,,NO gain either!!!

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very professional, efficient.


I had meet Dr. Marquez in Dec. of 2010 and she had informed me that I need to start working out again, I had told her that I belong to a gym but was to busy at work to go and to tired afterwards. She mention that I need to do it for myself, and I did. I needed that kick, and she explained where the incision would be and how it was going to change and what ws expected afterwards. Dr. Marquez also had mention about some of the issues that people think that this is the answer and that people mange to gain weight also with it down the road and that just need to stay on track and that most success is with a support group. She is very throughly and covers alot with you. I'm very pleased to have had her do the surgery last week and I would like to say Thank you to her and the stuff at the office and to all the nurses and everyone that was involved in the surgical room.!!!!
I would highly recommend Dr. Nancy Marquez to help you begin a new LIFE !!!


After spending thousands of dollars and several years trying to lose weight, I decided to have weight loss surgery. The weight loss “roller coaster” needed to end. My doctor referred me to Dr. Marquez and I was convinced at my first visit that I made the right choice.She's sweet yet she has a no non-sense approach to WLS. Everyone in the office was so nice and honestly ready to help me with my weight loss journey.

Dr.Marquez made sure I knew what I was doing and gave me the brass tacks of WLS and all the things I should consider. I felt very comfortable knowing she would be the one doing my gastric-bypass. She runs a tight ship. She shows up when she's suppose to and is very energetic.I received so much support and guidance that it made my weight loss surgery seem so easy. As I write this I am 6 days post-op and am feeling better everyday. When I started this journey I was 345lbs and today I weigh 295lbs! I feel the weight just fall off me and am excited to be getting my life back. I should have never waited this long but, better now then never! See Dr. Marquez I just know your going to love her!
_Amory.S - Round Rock, Texas


Dr. Marquez is very nice. Her staff is okay, but needs improvement. I would tell future patients to use Dr. Marquez because she does care about your needs and your family's needs. She places a great emphasis on aftercare. I had several questions in the 2nd week after surgery and her staff addressed them accordingly. I would give Dr. Marquez a 9. Her surgical competence and bedside manner are both equal: wonderful.


Dr Marquez was awsome...nothing negative to say at all:)


So far so good. I will post more after my surgery.

The more I see her the more I really like her.

My surgeon, Nancy Marquez, was amazing! She didn't cathedarize me or put in tubes. She made a deal with me. If I walked ASAP then she wouldn't do it.

It has been a year out and I have not had any issues with the surgery. I contribute that to my surgeon. I would reccomend her and I will use her if there is a need in the future.


Dr. Marquez conducted the seminar and I was impressed by her straight forward way. She was through in our appointments and asked many times if I had any questions. I think she was very good.
There seems to be very little about aftercare behavioral modification other than a once a month support group. This should be addressed and maybe even part of their service to encourage us to learn more about the tool and how we can learn new ways to live healthily.


The first time I met Dr. Marquez, I was instantly put at ease. She is very down to earth and is honest about every step of the process. She is delightful to work with and such a pleasure to be her patient. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone getting WLS!rnrnAmy

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