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Bariatric Surgeon
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Peter Billing Bariatric Surgeon MD, FACS, FASMBS

12 yr Experience

9 yr in Bariatrics

14 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

9 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

90% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 18

Max Age of Patient is n/a

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I am in process of getting VSG surgery. So far I have gone through all the initial procedures/appointments and am awaiting approval for surgery from the team. Dr. Billing is very personal and has been very helpful in the process. It's really not just him that this rating is for, it's more about rating all the people I've encountered during the process. Dr. Billing's assistant, nurses, nutritionist, therapist, fitness. The holistic approach that Puget Sound Bariatrics is phenomenal. I feel so at ease going into this huge life change. I highly recommend this doctor and the Puget Sound Bariatric program.

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I loved Dr. Billing. He was compassionate, informative, and straight forward. I immediately felt comfortable with him. He made sure to talk to my husband and reassure him immediately after my surgery. I also loved his assistant, Dena. What a sweet person! If I had to do this surgery again, I would definitely do it at PSSC with Dr. Billing.

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I had my VSG done by Dr. Billing on October 1, 2013.
Hands down a wonderful Surgeon and experience. I was comfortable before surgery and after. Dr. Billing answered all of my questions (even silly ones) and has a very happy disposition, you can tell he cares about me and my past present and future concerns and my recovery. My recovery time has been quick it seems and painless. I have very little pink lines where my incisions were at only 2 weeks post op (this was one of the "silly" questions).

Now for the normal review Questions:

What was your first impression of him? Happy guy, I felt very comfortable talking with him.

How did your impression change over time? Only gotten better so far.

How would you describe his office staff? Polite, happy, helpful and genuinely supportive.

What did you like least about him? Nothing, he is hands down a great guy.

What should future patient know about him? He cares.

How much does he emphasize aftercare? Completely, he wants you to commit for at least 2 years of Post-op care and offers a complete package at Puget Sound Bariatrics /Puget Sound Surgical Center(his office).

Does he have a structured aftercare program? Yes, all inclusive on site.

How did he address the risks of surgery? Yes. He even takes the time to explain all the options so that even if you have set one way to go, he wants you to know all options before deciding and will even let you know why one type for WLS may not be for you.

How would you rate him overall? Top Notch, if there are 5 stars he'd have them all!

Which is better, surgical competence, bedside manner, or are both great? All great, and he even allowed my daughter who was having a hard time come back and meet with me in recovery to set her mind at ease (she was concerned more than I was going into this) She told me after how she loved him for being so kind and doing a great job.


I can not say enough about my experience with Puget Sound Surgical center. Dr. Billings did my VSG on 11/12/2012 and I feel like a new women!!! The attention,kindness and care I received during my journey with the entire staff at PSBS center was priceless. They have gone above and beyond and I feel very blessed to have found them during my search for a doctor. I would give PSBS Center 100 stars!!!
Linda Dizon


I had the VSG with Dr Billings on June 14th 2012. He and his staff was always there to help me along the way. He has a long after care policy and sticks with it. He addressed all of our questions in a way that was real. I knew what I was getting in to and knew what to expect. He and his staff took great care of me and my husband. I am now 3 1/2 months out from surgery and went from a size 28 pants to a size 14 pants. I feel great and finaly have my life back from obesity. Thank you Dr Billings.


Dr. Billing is WONDERFUL! He is extremely compassionate and respectful, as well as very knowledgeable, thorough and competent. I am 100% satisfied with Dr. Billing, his staff and everyone at PSSC. From Jennifer & Tina at the seminar in Bellingham, to Anna, Katie and everyone else I talked to in Edmonds, I never felt anything but important. While they are talking to me they make me feel like I am the only one that matters. It truly feels that you are their patient not only before but after as well.

I feel that I was provided all necessary information to make an informed decision for the surgery given all risks and complications as well as the expectations. WLS is a big decision and without the graciousness that they all showed me, I would not have made the best health decision of my life.

My first meeting with Dr Billing was very positive, he took the time to explain the different procedures available, went through my medical and diet history to determine which option was best for me and fully explained the benefits and risks. My husband was with me, and we both had lots of questions, as I had been researching it for about 5 months prior to my first visit. The questions were answered without hesitation, so it emphasized the fact that he is very knowledgeable and competent.

Puget Sound Surgery Center has the best plan for post-op care and accountability, which has been a HUGE part of my continuing success. Your concerns and goals are their priority - they coach you and encourage you with honesty.

I highly recommend Puget Sound Surgical Center for WLS.

Overall, I would rate Dr. Billing as a top-notch doctor! I believe you need both surgical competence and bedside manner. Dr. Billing has both!

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Dr Billing is wonderful. He is kind, informative and really caring about his patients. He spent so much time with me explaining the options for revision from the lapband. Dr Billing removed my lapband and it went great. The entire staff at Pacific surgical is excellent - I have felt so supported by everyone in the entire process. I love it that several of the people that work there are gastric sleeve patients themselves.

I am impressed by the nutritionalist they work with - far superior to two other nutritionalists I have met with previously. I have not met the exercise physiologist yet, but one of the reasons I picked this surgical practice is that they offer a whole "program" to help the patient change their habits and not just the surgery. I would highly recommend Dr Billing and the entire practice if you are looking for that whole package of excellent surgeons, great staff and clear, concrete plans for follow up to ensure the patient's success.


I chose Dr Billing before I even met him. My dad and brother both had surgery with him and they had such good things to say about him and their results spoke for themselves. My dad is 3 years out and has lost nearly 200lbs and my brother is 1 year out and is down around 140lbs.

The office staff was so nice and so welcoming. I never felt looked down on or anything. The office itself, is beautiful and the chairs are all wide and comfortable.

Dr Billing is very accomplished at what he does. He is certified in just about everything and has been working in bariatrics for over 10 years.

Dr Billing himself is a sweet man who seemed to want to do anything he could to help me. He explained the surgery fully, answered all of my questions satisfactorily, and never made me feel rushed. He was honest about all the risks and benefits. He gave me tips and things to do while I worked toward approval. He is very kind.

His staff is amazing. His insurance coordinator, Anna, worked miracles and stayed in touch with me every step of the way. Every email was answered promptly and every question answered.

I have surgery in less then 3 weeks and I am so excited and know I will be in the best hands available.


Our surgeon, and their office has been great!
Even called to check on us at home a few times. Our last visit was a phone visit by the doctor, because my husband just got out of the hospital. I would highly recommend a program, our is for 2 years of followup, rather than just the surgery, then hope everything goes okay. You need the followup, the nutrition teaching, etc.


After Meeting Dr. B in late 2007, I was immediately at ease with my future surgical plans. Dr. Billing is a wonderful surgeon with a very pleasant personality. I just knew my experience was going to be a positive one!
After researching for about 1 full year prior to my surgery, I had made my choice of surgeon and facility - Puget Sound Surgical Center in Edmonds, WA and Dr. Peter Billing as my surgeon.
I feel I was taken care of 150%! The complete surgical, clinical and office staff have all been wonderful to me over the past two years.
This was the best comprehensive program I found to assist me in receiveing my surgery and going beyond that to ensure my success as a healthy woman!

Thank you Dr. B and Team for saving my life!


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