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Steven Poplawski, MD, FACS
Barix Clinics of Michigan
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Barix Clinics of Michigan

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He was very professional. I was a little put off at first, because of his dry humor, but realized that he has probably heard it all and sometimes you just want to go home. The staff was extremely helpful and curtious. I was very comfortable at the office, it is designed for "us". The doctor was extremely in depth in explaining procedures, etc. He was especially concerned about my depression and that I should have a support network in place before he would consider surgery. So I got together with my family doctor, a therapist, and a psychologist from the office and came up with a plan, which was submitted to the doctor. He called me personally at home about a month later, and talked briefly with me about the plan and said I had done good and now I have a surgery date. If nothing else, I truly believe that he cares about me and I would rate him a 10.


Dr. Poplawski seems like a nice guy. I personally know two representatives at Bariatric Treatment Centers in Ann Arbor and one of them said he is probably the nicest Dr of them all. He had that dry sense of humor I've heard so much about. He seems to smile upon family members being supportive (my grandmother came with me) and seemed glad to know that somebody would be with me throughout my post-op. He answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. He seemed to make sure I understood the risks and possible complications of the RNY. He really stressed the importance of the post-op aftercare. I was really nervous about the consult and he made me feel at ease. He appears to really have his stuff together inside and out. I would definitely recommend him.


I really like the doctor he made me and my family feel extremely comfortable. He answered all of our questions and drew diagrams when explaining the surgery. He was very open about the after care and what I and my family needed to do to make this procedure a success. Some people may think he is abrupt but I felt very confident in his knowledge and surgical skills. He explained everything in detail and I would rate him prior to my surgery as excellent.
I will update after surgery and rate him again.


My first impression: He was very nice.

nothing changed I still think he is nice and very understanding.

The staff was wonderful, I didnt feel like a fat person. I was treated with respect not looked down apon!
He seemed kind of quick..

come with lots of questions .. he will answer them all!
ALOT on after care... He said if I didnt get out of bed 4 hours after surgery .. then he would come get me out of bed!
yes he did address the risks of surgery. I was fine with it all at the time but am more worried now.
i would give him an 8

both on some level but i would prefer surgical comeptence over anything.


I really like him. He has a good sense of humor and answered all my questions. I did not feel like he was hurring me or in any way "dismissive". I would tell anyone to seek him out for surgery.


I thought Dr.P was a nice guy and very friendly. He explained the procedure and drew on a board and was very easy to understand. He seemed to be very understanding and sympathetic. I have to re-visit him Aug.9 'cause I'm past 6 months since my first visit and I am looking forward to seeing him again. He reminded me of the photographer on "Just Shoot Me." He went over the after care and took the time to answer all of my bizarre questions.


The surgeon that I spoke with at the Bariatric Treatment Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan seems kind of quiet. He seemed very knowledgeable and willing to answer my questions. He emphasized the importance of aftercare and things that can be done and not done. He did let me know what the risks were and the chances of it happening so I would know what I am getting myself into

The office staff seemed to be in a hurry because I was the last consultation for the day. The patient consultant that I talked to told me what to expect as far as the things I could do and not do after the surgery and also what I can eat and not eat after the surgery. She was very knowledgeable. She had the surgery herelf 2 years ago.


Caring, professional. Dr. Poplawski answered all my
questions and took his time to make sure I
understood. When I visited his office, I had
already come from an initial visit to another
physician and organization with whom I felt
uncomfortable. The first experience made me
wary. Going to the Bariatric Treatment Center
was a confidence building experience. Every
one on staff treated me with respect and took
time to answer all my questions... especially
Dr. Poplawski. I especially like his sense of \
humor. He put me at ease and cracked jokes
with me just before surgery. He is positive,
reassuring and encouraging.


dr. poplawski seem's to be a very caring.He was very infomative of what to expect after surgery. Iam very confident in his abilities as a surgeon.


I like Dr. Poplawski. The first time I met him I remember thinking what a funny guy. I had many questions to ask, and Dr. P was more than happy to answer them. I have only met him once so far.

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