Anyone in the North-West Denver area?

on 7/22/11 6:20 am - Arvada, CO
Lap Band on 02/03/10 with
Hi All,
I had the Lap-Band Surgery in Feb. of 2010 through Dr. Synder's office.  I live in Arvada and I'm looking for fellow people in my area to start a support group or work-out buddy program.  I'm currently going through a six month personal training course as well and I'm also looking for guinea pigs to help me work on my programs and "teaching style"  LOL!

on 7/29/11 5:48 am
Just checked the colorado forum for first time in a long while.  I had lapband in December 2010, have released 70 and have the same Dr.  would love to connect and be mutual support.  my phone # 303.679.1998   Janel
on 8/1/11 11:29 pm - Lakewood, CO
I would be highly intrestead in a new support group. hit me up [email protected]
on 8/15/11 10:08 am
I'm in NW Denver. I'm pre-surgery however. Once I have surgery I'd love to be a guinea pig. :) I have lots of physical impairments for the time being that came from an old accident and I'm hoping losing the weight will greatly lessen them.
on 8/18/11 5:15 am - Arvada, CO
Lap Band on 02/03/10 with
Cool! When's your surgery and with who? 
on 9/7/11 7:47 am
I am having my surgery next week. I live on the Arvada/Golden line and would love to participate in a support group .  If you decide to put one together, let me know. 
Best, Mbezoni    
on 9/20/11 6:46 am
My surgery is in 1 week with Dr.  Metz! Super excited. :)
on 12/20/11 7:29 am
I had lap band with Snyder last December--just celebrated a year.  Would love to buddy up with another bander--I live in Arvada Area also.  Let me know if you are interested---

I don't check this forum much as it doesn't seem that active.
Harmony  (I am female)
(deactivated member)
on 4/4/12 3:05 am - CO
Hi, Harmony!  I am just 6 days post op, with a lapband.  Just checking out this site, as I live in Colorado... Tell me more about you!  I am 56, live in Johnstown, have grown children, and am excited about my new journey into weight loss!  I have had a weight problem, off and on, for the last 38 years.  My normal weight in high school was around 130 lbs, but, with the birth of two children and laziness, I got up to 291!  I lost 17 lbs before surgery, and am now at 266... It has been a bit of a mental challenge to be on liquids, for two weeks, but, I only have a week to go on them.  I had my surgery done in Greeley and ended up in the hospital the day after surgery for  some steroids and re-hydration.. all is good, now!  Would love to chat with you, if you are interested!  Debbie
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