DR.'s Who accept Medicare and Medicaid

on 1/30/07 12:14 am - Satsuma, FL
are there any Dr.'s who accept medicare and medicaid in the state of Florida and are they part of a center of excellence.If so please reply to this post.
on 1/30/07 1:42 am - St. Petersburg, FL
Hi Karolyn, I know that Dr. Murr and Dr. Gallagher accept Medicare but not sure about medicaid. Also Tampa General is a Center of Excellence, that is where they do their surgeries. You may want to call them and check on the medicaid. Hope this helps. Patty
Kristen H.
on 1/30/07 10:19 am - Orlando, FL
US Bariatric Orlando is accepting United Healthcare's Medicaid product. They are currently covering 100 percent. HTH, Kristen
on 2/8/07 4:31 am - Brooksville, FL
Hi, Kristen We spoke once before on this. What about Medipass Medicaid? That is what I am currently on. I FINALLY convinced the PA I see at Dr. *******s office to agree to help me so see if I can get the weight loss surgery! I just need a surgeon that will take my insurance and to start working on Medicaid to approve it! My doctors office said they don't know any surgeons for that, if I find one to give them the surgeons phone number and fax and they would do the referrals.
Kristen H.
on 2/8/07 5:13 am - Orlando, FL
No, we don't accept Medipass. Kristen
on 2/8/07 10:16 am - Brooksville, FL
What is the difference with the Universal Medicaid and Medipass Medicaid? To me Medicaid is Medicaid. How about Medicare? This sucks. I feel like the rate I'm going if I don't get something done to reduce the weight soon, I won't be around in a year or two anyhow, then I won't have to worry about it.
on 2/8/07 10:22 am - Brooksville, FL
oops, I mean UnitedHealth Medicaid as to Medipass. sorry about that.
Kristen H.
on 2/8/07 10:58 am - Orlando, FL
Hi Debra, The State of Florida purchases health care services from commercially licensed HMOs. The Bureau of Managed Health Care is responsible for the approval and monitoring of all Medicaid HMO contracts in the state. United Health Care Medicaid (HMO) is one of these HMO products from which you can choose (a Medicaid contracted HMO). Medicaid Options is the name for Florida Medicaid's Managed Care enrollment broker. In Medicaid Options, Medicaid recipients get care through MediPass, Medicaid contracted HMOs, or Provider Service Networks (PSNs) or other contracted entities. To assist recipients in making choices, the state of Florida has created an enrollment and disenrollment helpline. You can contact an enrollment specialist by dialing the toll-free Medicaid Options Helpline : 1-888-367-6554. This helpline is operated by ACS State Healthcare Solutions who is contracted by the state to provide enrollment and disenrollment services to Medicaid recipients. Specialists help Medicaid recipients enroll in a Medicaid managed care plan by advising recipients of physicians that are in the plans, and can help recipients understand the differences in benefits offered by the plans. They can enroll recipients in the plan of their choice or assist recipients in changes from one plan to another. In addition to the enrollment and disenrollment helpline, Medicaid Options also provides written materials to assist Medicaid participants in choosing a Medicaid managed care plan. HTH, Kristen
on 2/8/07 12:17 pm - Brooksville, FL
Ok, Thank you so much! Will do.
on 1/30/07 11:17 pm - naples, FL
Hi, have you found any doctor that accepts Medicaid? I will be getting medicaid soon also and Im starting to look for a dr, Please if you find one can you let m eknow, Im in Naples florida, My email is [email protected] Thank you, and good luck. Mayra
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