MN UCare

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on 5/18/10 5:06 am - Forest Lake, MN
Was just wondering if anyone has had the DS with MNma UCare at the U of M? Will they cover the lap DS? if so how long of a process is it taking?

Diamond Girl
on 5/18/10 1:14 pm - Ham Lake, MN
 Yes, we have had DS'ers with MN UCare.
Have you been to Dr. I's info session? Where are you at in the process?
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on 5/18/10 1:45 pm - Forest Lake, MN
Yes I was there on 4/29/10 just had all the beginning labs done today, and I go for my 2nd appt on 5/27/10. My tentative surgery date is end of sept beginning of oct.
on 5/18/10 8:15 pm
My revision to the DS was covered by UCare without a hitch. Mine was open, but I don't think HOW it's done is even discussed with insurance.

5' 5" -  317.5 / 132 / 134  SW / CW / GW

Diamond Girl
on 5/19/10 6:09 am - Ham Lake, MN
 Fantastic! You are going to love the DS.

Any questions, just let me know. I'm about 10 miles west of you - so we could always meet up for a coffee or something. We've got another DS'er in Forest Lake, too.
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