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burning red painful rash under breast

Joy D.
on 5/19/11 5:02 am - Hamilton, Canada
 well i had gotten these before the wls, now i have one again just shy of 3 months out,
I thought that once we start to lose the weight this  would not be happening any  more or will i be getting them just the same ?, i sprinkle baby powder in the areas that skin is on skin is that a bad idea ? or does any one else have any  suggestions ?

thanks, Joy Ticker
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on 5/19/11 5:18 am - Ottawa, Canada
 You will get these unless you get plastics.

Baby powder is a bad idea. It can feed the bacteria.  Clean the area with soap and dry it well.  Make sure you keep it clean and it will disappear quickly.  You can also apply a thin layer of polysporin, which helps it heal quickly.


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on 5/19/11 5:29 am
Diaper rash creams work well also. 
Monica M.
on 5/19/11 5:42 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
I use canesten cream on those rashes, because they're yeasty or fungal in nature, not bacterial. You can use hydrocortisone on them too (at the same time as the canesten)

I know canesten is used for your hoo hoo, but it works under the boobies too.

You'll keep getting them, Joy, as long as you have skin that rests against other skin. You might find that you get them even more, if you have, say, a layer of skin over your belly button or something.

Really make sure that the area is dry after your shower. Do not use baby powder (it's now made with corn starch which feeds the yeast/fungus causing the rash). To make absolutely sure it's dry enough after my shower, i usually swipe the area with some rubbing alcohol. (i use a qtip for my belly button)

You may want to make a doctor's appointment, because rashes like this are a supporting factor for OHIP paying for some of your plastic surgery. YOu'll need to have your rashes documented with your family doctor.
Joy D.
on 5/19/11 5:45 am - Hamilton, Canada
  thank-you Ladies,

I'm also a long way from plastics, not really  sure i want that  in the future well at least my mind doesn't want to think of another surgery.

Joy Ticker
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Monica M.
on 5/19/11 6:01 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
yeah, just keep it really clean and dry.
on 5/19/11 6:19 am - Canada
Monica M is absolutely right.
This is probably Tinea - a fungal infection.

She is also right in recommending either Canesten - *or* - an athlete's foot cream.
I know, sounds wierd, doesn't it?

But there are several kinds of Tinea, depending on where on your body it shows up - sometimes Canesten works for me, sometimes Micatin works.

I sometimes use a blow-dryer to ensure that I am more than towel-dry.

But Monica is absolutely correct in recommending that you show this to your GP - firstly, recurring fungal infections indicate that you probably have elsewhere on your body as well. If it's systemic, you can get a prescription for an antifungal pill (to be crushed) which would take care of the problem more permanently.
Secondly, recurring infections lend credence to your appeals for plastics afterward.
on 5/19/11 6:10 am - Canada
Ah... my old friend yeast  - i've had that red spot under one or both of the girls for the last year or more..

Canesten cream works, anything for atheletes foot works - any antifungal drug .... However going to the doc and getting it documented and in your file is good too - that way if you want a boob reduction / life you have one more medical reason for it - and if you have a drug plan the any anti-yeast cream should be covered.

Baby powder and zinc cream may relieve the symptons but likely won't resolve them.
Sometimes the best support  you can get isn't all purple puddles and pink rainbows.

Monica M.
on 5/19/11 6:41 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
baby powder won't releive it. It will make it worse.
(deactivated member)
on 5/19/11 6:32 am - Kingston, Canada
LOL @ Monica for using the word hoo hoo. Ive never heard anyone call it that before. I am going to implement it into my vocabulary and try my hardest to use it in a sentence today
Monica M.
on 5/19/11 6:42 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
I've got euphemisms for practically everything, Shawn. It's my specialty. And i've got more than one for that particular region.
(deactivated member)
on 5/19/11 6:51 am - Kingston, Canada
...and now im intrigued LOL
Joy D.
on 5/19/11 7:04 am - Hamilton, Canada Ticker
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Monica M.
on 5/19/11 7:22 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
Maria D.
on 5/19/11 6:41 am, edited 5/19/11 6:41 am
Hi Joy,

I don't post much, but I have that problem in any area where skin touches skin.  Your pharmacist should have a product alled Calmoseptine behind the counter.  It is a cream which works better than diaper rash creams or anything else I've tried.  It's more expensive than regular diaper rash creams, but you only need a tiny amount each time you apply it.  It also works twice as fast.

I hope this helps.  Let us know how your doing no matter what method you use.

Maria D.

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Joy D.
on 5/19/11 7:03 am - Hamilton, Canada
 i hear ya Maria, i try not to either and thank you. I have several Dr's appt coming up wondering if the gyno can doc this as I'm seeing him on Fri then the wls team on the 26 at the hospital then my GP at the end of month, funny i see more Dr.s now then ever  before hoping soon i will have some health issues resolved 

Joy Ticker
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(deactivated member)
on 5/19/11 2:10 pm - Toronto, Canada
Thanks for that info, Maria.  I get skin fold infections on my sides and in the panni area and use diaper cream but if this works better I'm willing to pay the little bit extra!  AND...its available at my fave  I love that place!
on 5/19/11 7:43 am
Hi Joy,

I can relate have been dealing with this for almost 2 years, very painful and frustrating condition.  My doctor recommended the monostat or canneston cream, but also mentioned using Aveeno oatmeal based body wash for sensitive skin, use seperate wash cloth, dry area thoroughly etc.

Definitely show your gp and request that they document it to assist with ohip coverage of plastics if you choose to have them done later. 

Take care
on 8/7/11 7:31 am - WI
It's seems hard to believe but Miracle Foot Repair works best for me.
Nadine W.
on 5/19/11 7:49 am - Hanover, Canada
My Dr. prescribed creams to get rid of this and it works great. Also, he suggested using a product called Body Glide when the irritation is cleared. It is usually used by runners or other athletes to prevent the rash from skin rubbing on skin. It works great. It comes in a deodorant type stick and goes on just like a deodorant.
Hope this helps,
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