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on 10/2/14 11:31 pm
VSG on 04/02/13
Topic: RE: Things to do & see in Montreal?

take a walk up the mountain and visit the lookout!  will be nice to do it now and 6 months from now for comparison!  :)


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on 9/30/14 10:19 am - Montreal, Canada
Topic: RE: Things to do & see in Montreal?

Some nice places to visit are Old Montreal, Botanical Gardens, Biodome, St Joseph Oratory, Mount Royal top of mountain where you can see all of Mtl below, and if you are willing to drive up north you can go to St Sauveur or Mont Tremblant and excellent time of year to enjoy the autumn colours. It's also nice to walk downtown along St Catherine St, and you can also visit the Museum of fine arts on Sherbrooke St, and you will also find McGill University on Sherbrooke and McGill ave. Hope you enjoy the city, and good luck on your upcoming surgery.

Shelley H.
on 9/29/14 9:12 pm
Topic: Things to do & see in Montreal?

Hi There

Heading to Montreal on Wed.  Sleeve surgery is not till the 6th with Dr. Gagner.    1st time in the city for both me and the hubby.    Any suggestions of where to go, what to see during the weekend before the big SLEEVE?

Would love suggestions. 

Betty Jo L.
on 9/15/14 7:53 am
Topic: RE: Sleeved!

Hello I was going to self pay which is $18,500. If you go to this link

they will give you the info of what's included in the price. I recommend this surgeon. His very nice and did this surgery a million and 1 times. I ended up going through Medicare. At the time I weighed out the time it would take to self pay as to the wait time through Medicare. It was like 2 months difference. So I went the free way. I applied in March with Oliver court at the royal Vic and I'm now going to my next step in meeting the surgeon. 

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on 9/12/14 8:39 am
Topic: High Capacity Scales

Does anyone know where in Montreal one can find high capacity scales to weigh oneself? Your average bathroom scale just doesn't have the range or structural durability to handle bariatric patients. All suggestions welcome. 

Susan M.
on 9/4/14 4:03 am
Topic: RE: Dr. Gagner or Dr. Christou in Montreal?

Happy you're making progress.  Be forewarned I also had a doctor who was prepared to help me through all my follow up care (even had a few other patients with the ds), but he felt out of his depth directly after my surgery. It's still touch and go whenever I have issues.  

Which surgery are you going for?  I suppose my biggest hesitation is with DS aftercare in ontario...

I was very eager and felt very prepared and informed going into the surgery, I thought I had all my ducks in a row and had all of my stuff sorted, but I quickly felt out of my depth even with being very informed.  I'm feeling much better almost 9 months out, but it was a bumpy road.

I'm sure you know all that stuff but I felt I had to say it regardless.  Feel free to message me if you ever want to chat.

Shelley H.
on 9/3/14 10:35 pm
Topic: RE: Dr. Gagner or Dr. Christou in Montreal?

Thanks Susan for your input.   Much appreciated.   I have my family doc supporting me for any post op care.    I have heard many good things about this surgeon.  I have a consult with him tomorrow morning.   Hoping it goes well and we can move forward with setting a date.  




Susan M.
on 9/3/14 3:14 pm, edited 9/3/14 3:14 pm
Topic: RE: Dr. Gagner or Dr. Christou in Montreal?

I had a DS with Dr. Ganger.  It was not private, I do not believe I was a normal case as I went through no hoops other than my tests.

I would say he has a good bed side manner, he's an excellent surgeon, and very professional.  I was informed I would have no follow up with him, and haven't.  I think he likes to keep his business mostly private, and I believe his private patients are much more devoted to him.  From the public side of things I feel he is left wanting.  

If someone were having surgery, I would recommend him without hesitation, if they had all their ducks in a row for before and after care (with other doctors).



on 9/1/14 12:27 am - Amherst, Canada
Topic: RE: Sleeved!

Congrats on your new sleeve!! Did you self pay and what was the cost? I live in NS and am thinking of traveling to Montreal for surgery

Shelley H.
on 8/18/14 8:26 am
Topic: RE: Self Pay recommendations please :)

Thank you for your suggestion!! :)