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on 8/17/14 1:40 pm
Topic: RE: Self Pay recommendations please :)

Hi Shelley!

both surgeons you mention both come highly recommended.  I had a sleeve six days ago with Dr. Court and feel great. 

Seeing as how you're in Ontario, though (not sure where), there is Dr. Neville in the Ottawa Civic. She trained under Dr. Court and has an excellent reputation. 

Good luck with your search!


Carpe diem 

on 8/17/14 1:22 pm
Topic: RE: Sleeved!

Thanks JustPete. I was waiting for you feedback. I appreciate your insight and experience. 

What do you think about a teaspoon of peanut butter in chocolate shake (Body Fortress brand from Walmart)? I make them with water. 



Carpe diem 

on 8/17/14 7:33 am
VSG on 04/02/13
Topic: RE: Sleeved!

beneprotein is kind of nasty.  you can add it to warm soup and other things and it's passable.  all the ready to drink shakes (premiere protein or muscle milk) are really a bit too thick for early post-op IMO.  Head out to your local Popeye's protein shop and get a tub of a flavored  whey isolate (ISO) and mix that with water or milk.  You can even mix that with 50% or double the protein recommended and its still not as thick as the RTD, much easier to get that down.  The fluids, you just really have to keep on it, set a timer for 5 mins and take a sip or 2 every time. keep a water bottle or shake with you all the time.  it's work, no doubt about that.

grats on your sleeve!


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Shelley H.
on 8/17/14 5:47 am
Topic: Self Pay recommendations please :)

Hi there!

New to this forum and I love reading everyones advice, tips etc.  Seriously considering a revision from my band (09) to a sleeve. From Ontario and want to stay in Canada.   Any recommendations out there for self pay?  Been reading lots about a Dr. Michel Gagner and a Dr. Oliver Court?    Reviews about any self pay services, testimonials, post op care, complications and how the over all experience was travelling would be greatly appreciated.



on 8/16/14 4:33 am
Topic: Sleeved!

I'm happy to announce I was sleeved earlier this week. Thankfully everything went super well and am feeling pretty good, overall.  I do get tired by early afternoon, but that is to be expected. I had great care from Dr. Court, his fellow, Dr. Toumi and the nursing staff at Lachine Hospital. Nothing but a positive experience! 

I am also proud to report that I have lost 19lbs since my opti which started Aug 2 (I only did 9 days of opti because I was called in after a cancellation).  I lost 9 lbs on opti and 10 since surgery. I'm pretty darned happy with those results!

Question time!  How much water/ fluid did you get in at a week out?  Right now I'm able to get apprx 24oz of water plus protein shake (more on this in next question!) and 1/2 cup broth. Do you find that sufficient?

And protein? I bought the beneprotein but gagged on it every time so have been doing one Premier Protein (costco) in the morning and am only able to get about half in the evening. What do you think about those numbers? Any suggestions welcome. 

Thanks for your input!

on 7/29/14 11:11 am
Topic: Patient care at the RVH

Had my gastric sleeve surgery done at the Vic barely two weeks ago. All went well until I was moved from Recovery to a private room. First up, the room was a dump. I would have walked out if I could as it was below fleabag motel quality.

A large chunk of plaster was missing from one of the walls. No AC or even a fan (fortunately the days were cool so it wasn't needed, but still). One window with a painted wooden frame from which the green paint was peeling in large strips. An old fashioned roll up blind on the window that was all ripped, torn, and frayed.

It didn't stop there.

When they finally got me up to the room I really had to pee. I hadn't gone for two days since prior to the operation. I informed the female orderly and she handed me a pee bottle and started to walk away. I asked her to help me get it in position as I was lying down and had stitches in my stomach. Her response was "just pee the bed and I'll change the sheets."


At this point the nurse walked in and heard the exchange and said we should use this an opportunity to get me up on my feet to walk to the bathroom, which is what happened.

Upon return the same orderly came over to adjust my IV tubes and while leaning across me, belched loudly in my face. I sat there incredulous. As if that wasn't enough, she did it a second time and excused herself saying "my lunch is repeating on me".

All this in complete view of the nurse, to whom I later spoke and said that I never wanted that orderly in my room again. She never did, but many times walked by my room and gave me the stink eye.

Then lunchtime rolled around. No lunch.

At 2 p.m. a different orderly came in my room with two trays and asked if I wanted beef or chicken.

I told her I just had bariatric surgery and was supposed to be on a liquid diet.

"Ok, I'll leave you with this one then", she said, and placed one tray on my table and left with the other one.

I lifted the lid and lo and behold there sat two chicken drumsticks, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies.

I called her back and she took away the plate leaving me with a glass of cold tea and some apple juice.

I rang for the nurse and was told the caf was closed. They later came in with a small bowl of soup that had veggies in it, which I basically ate around and spit out the solids.

Another attendant came in and wagged her finger at me and told me in a lecturing tone that I should quit complaining. I told her that if I wanted to be ignored and given the wrong treatment, I'd fare better at home, which, I think, ticked her off even more.

What a dump. It's a good thing it's closing.

on 7/29/14 8:57 am
Topic: RE: 150+ Lachine hospital bariatric patients could be infected

Correction, the dates were from 2012 to 2014. Here's the link.


on 7/29/14 5:16 am
Topic: 150+ Lachine hospital bariatric patients could be infected

According to CJAD over 150 patients who had bariatric surgery at Lachine could be infected with HIV and hepatitis due to improper sterilization of a liver retractor. Involves patients operated on between 2009 and 2014.

on 7/3/14 9:57 am
Topic: RE: Making veggies palatable

I discussed the Walden Farms dressings and dips with the bariatric nutritionist and she was completely unaware of these products, and quite skeptical. However upon checking them out via the Walden Farms website, which provides the full ingredient list and nutritional breakdown, she told me they are fine, so long as used judiciously and in moderation. Their Italian dressing is actually very good and contains no sugar, fats, oil, carbs or gluten. Just a clever mix of a few vinegars and spices, among other things.

on 6/21/14 6:36 pm
VSG on 04/02/13
Topic: RE: Got the date!

grats on getting a date!


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