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on 9/12/14 8:39 am
Topic: High Capacity Scales

Does anyone know where in Montreal one can find high capacity scales to weigh oneself? Your average bathroom scale just doesn't have the range or structural durability to handle bariatric patients. All suggestions welcome. 

Susan M.
on 9/4/14 4:03 am
Topic: RE: Dr. Gagner or Dr. Christou in Montreal?

Happy you're making progress.  Be forewarned I also had a doctor who was prepared to help me through all my follow up care (even had a few other patients with the ds), but he felt out of his depth directly after my surgery. It's still touch and go whenever I have issues.  

Which surgery are you going for?  I suppose my biggest hesitation is with DS aftercare in ontario...

I was very eager and felt very prepared and informed going into the surgery, I thought I had all my ducks in a row and had all of my stuff sorted, but I quickly felt out of my depth even with being very informed.  I'm feeling much better almost 9 months out, but it was a bumpy road.

I'm sure you know all that stuff but I felt I had to say it regardless.  Feel free to message me if you ever want to chat.

Shelley H.
on 9/3/14 10:35 pm
Topic: RE: Dr. Gagner or Dr. Christou in Montreal?

Thanks Susan for your input.   Much appreciated.   I have my family doc supporting me for any post op care.    I have heard many good things about this surgeon.  I have a consult with him tomorrow morning.   Hoping it goes well and we can move forward with setting a date.  




Susan M.
on 9/3/14 3:14 pm, edited 9/3/14 3:14 pm
Topic: RE: Dr. Gagner or Dr. Christou in Montreal?

I had a DS with Dr. Ganger.  It was not private, I do not believe I was a normal case as I went through no hoops other than my tests.

I would say he has a good bed side manner, he's an excellent surgeon, and very professional.  I was informed I would have no follow up with him, and haven't.  I think he likes to keep his business mostly private, and I believe his private patients are much more devoted to him.  From the public side of things I feel he is left wanting.  

If someone were having surgery, I would recommend him without hesitation, if they had all their ducks in a row for before and after care (with other doctors).



on 9/1/14 12:27 am - Amherst, Canada
Topic: RE: Sleeved!

Congrats on your new sleeve!! Did you self pay and what was the cost? I live in NS and am thinking of traveling to Montreal for surgery

Shelley H.
on 8/18/14 8:26 am
Topic: RE: Self Pay recommendations please :)

Thank you for your suggestion!! :)

Shelley H.
on 8/18/14 8:25 am
Topic: Dr. Gagner or Dr. Christou in Montreal?

Looking at  reviews/testimonials for either/or please.  It would be so appreciated.  When? What did you have done? How much? (self pay), pre op, post op, bedside manner? facility? Professionalism?, followup?


on 8/17/14 12:56 pm
Topic: RE: Self Pay recommendations please :)

I believe Dr. Court only operates in the public system. If you're looking to go private, Dr. Christou is highly rated.

on 8/17/14 8:28 am
Topic: RE: Sleeved!

Thanks for your insight. Makes lots of sense. 

Off To Popeye's I go!


Carpe diem 

on 8/17/14 8:03 am
VSG on 04/02/13
Topic: RE: Sleeved!

its not a whey isolate and has 30% more calories than an ISO.  then you add a nebulous tsp of peanut butter which makes it much higher calorie (100-200 more depending on your  teaspoon').   probably not a good habit to get into and you are kind of committed once you buy a tub of it.  calories arent a huge deal right out from surgery as you are lucky to get anything in ... so do what you like.  but it's not a good plan for long term.


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