yogurt = constipation????

on 6/4/10 5:01 am - La Luz, NM
 So, I am trying to narrow down what could be causing this darn constipation, do you think that it could be the yogurt? I thought it was supposed to help keep you regular? I usually eat between 4-6oz's of greek yogurt per day. It is one of the few ways that I have been able to get protein in.
sleeve genie
on 6/4/10 5:25 am - Alhambra, CA
i'm so sorry that you are having a bad time with this,  have you thought about taking metamusil or a similar product,  i'm pretty sure that was on the list of things you might need to do post op and i plan on getting some for myself,  hope you feel better,  i'm still on the liquid part  yuk
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on 6/4/10 5:27 am - Houston, TX
Constipation is normal post surgery - any surgery - and especially post WLS - I take 2 colase a day one am, one pm.  I ate prunes, I drink 1 yakult a day. I take a Phillip Colon Health Probiotic a day, and 2 Mega Red tablets a day.  And now I am pretty regular, but if I am short on my water any day look out - Keep up the liquids and try various things to help.  I tried benefiber too, that didn't seem to help at all.  I added the Yakult and Probiotic last, at the same time and got some serious relief.  I'm not sure what is working so I haven't dropped anything.  Good Luck
V. Segura
on 6/4/10 5:30 am - Lake Forest, CA
It looks like you're coming along!  I think is going to get easier from now on.  The yogurt is good bacteria for the intestines but it doesn't have any fiber.  Continue eating it,  it is really good for you but and add some fiber.  I would buy some prune juice and that will do it naturally. 
Hugs to you,
on 6/4/10 5:43 am - La Luz, NM
I was told that taking fiber supplements are not really the best as they can actually get stuck and become quite hard in our slower moving system. I have been drinking prune juice daily. Last night I had to take some milk of magnesia and at 2:00 am woke up with diarrhea that lasted well over an hour (on the plus side, I lost weight this morning) lol.
Ms Shell
on 6/4/10 6:15 am - Hawthorne, CA
HIGH protein diets cause constipation...so that's about all I can tell you.  I battled it on and off UNTIL 3 months out when I began to be able to drink at least 10 cups of water AND I take a probiotic.  I have been regular ever since Thank God before that I would drink a small dose of MOM every weekend.

Ms Shell

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Janet F.
on 6/4/10 6:42 am - Sachse, TX
VSG on 05/10/10 with
Hi Jade,

I am almost 4 weeks out. I found that if I don't go for 2-3 days, I add half a dose of Miralax to my water bottle.  Just enough to help me go but not diahhrea. I might do that for 2 days and see what happens from there.

Good luck.
on 6/4/10 7:03 am

My sleeve was done Feb 18 2009 & man oh man I had a hard time...  I was taking everything under the sun... Fiber, laxatives, stool softeners, - you name it... I was eating lots of fruits & veggies, and of course my protein and Water. Understand that you will not have as many bowel movements as you did before surgery - my dietician said that is normal.

Make sure that you are also getting enough FAT in your diet.  It seemed that I was not getting enough.  It took about a month but I am ok now... That was a hard time for me... I felt aweful. I found that all the meat that I was eating, the veggies, the fruit and the water had NO FAT or very very low fat. Who knew how much FAT played a role like that?!?!?!?

So if you are doing everything right - try adding a bit more FAT. Talk to your dietician & bring your food journal!  They are the best people to tell you what it is that you need to change.

That was my experience. :)

on 6/4/10 8:10 am - La Luz, NM
Would avocado be an appropriate fat? I know that we are not supposed to eat raw fruits or veggies yet, but avocados are so soft....are they ok during the soft/mushie stage?
on 6/4/10 3:49 pm - Northern, CA
Calcium supplements and iron supplements also cause constipation.

I take Benefiber and really push the water and that seems to keep it under check. It was harder to get the water in early out though. In fact, the first 3 months are a very interesting time for our bowels. Have you had the green poops yet?

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