6 levels of "fatness" what level are/were you?

on 6/28/10 2:37 pm
According to comedian Gabriel Iglesias,  There are 6 levels of "fatness" (upgraded from 5)  they are as follows:
1. Big-XL
3. huskey-3X
4. fluffty-4X
5. daaaamn!-5X
6. Oh,HELL NO!-6X
Which catagory did you fall under?  How about now ?
these are men's sizes women will need to  estimate.  I was beyond Oh ,HELL NO at 7X!!   But now I'm proud to be between Huskey and fluffy! BTW Gabriel is hilarious! So, are you fluffy, big, huskey?  do tell.

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on 6/28/10 2:43 pm
Going by what I can wear in men's sizes, I'd be somewhere between Big and Healthy, depending on who makes the shirt.  By women's standards, I'd be 'I'm sorry, maybe you should try Lane Bryant..." lol..

(Or if "Ulgch!" was a category!)
on 6/28/10 2:56 pm
 LOL, if we're re-writing this for women, after "you should try Lane Bryant" is me, the "I cant fit into the GD Lane Bryant"....
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Terry W.
on 6/28/10 3:02 pm - Clayton, NC
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all I know is that if I dont have to drag my son into a FATLADY store again I will be so happy- and since he is 12 he will be happy to NEVER go in any  womens store again with me  But I am sure one day his dad would LOVE to accompany me to Victoria Secret.. and not just smell the perfume!
mini_me_ now
on 6/28/10 3:13 pm
 i did not fit in their lvls lol some where between a 1. and a 2.  i was a 1xw and a 1x
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on 6/28/10 3:33 pm
I stared as a "Fluffer"

Now I'm between 0 and 1

First time in my life I'd be "off the chart" the other way !!!

on 6/29/10 1:53 am - Austin, TX
VSG on 04/22/10 with
On June 28, 2010 at 10:33 PM Pacific Time, frisco wrote:
I stared as a "Fluffer"

Now I'm between 0 and 1

First time in my life I'd be "off the chart" the other way !!!

I had to do a double take at what you said LMAO.  It's been one of those mornings ...

I started out as a men's fluffy too I guess and am slowly backing down from the fluffiness. :)

on 6/28/10 7:39 pm
I started between Healthy and Husky...now I'm between 0 and Big.
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on 6/28/10 8:26 pm - Springfield, OH
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I was so fluffy I had to order my clothes (tents made with flower patterns) on line. Now, I am "healthy" and hope to be smaller soon. I can't wait to one day walk into a store and buy something because I think its cute, and not b/c it is one of the 3 things that will fit.
on 6/28/10 11:28 pm
Yes, I would love to be "healthy"... still "fluffy" right now.... not for long once I get my surgery :) 
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