CPAP and nasal congestion

on 5/18/12 10:16 pm - OK
VSG on 05/29/12
 Third night of cpap I feel like have the worse head and nasal congestion 3-5 hours in and no breathing for me I have to pull it off. Average 5 hours a night. Took decongestion pull last night didn't make difference. Any suggestions

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are you using the water chamber (humidifier)?  If so, I'd play around with the level.  I know when I started I used to turn it off completely.  Now I keep the humidifier at 3 or so.  I'm so sorry it's been a tough adjustment.  I have the complete reverse struggle - my doctor wants me to consider going off my cpap now but I can't imagine sleeping without it..... 
You could also try nose drops but beware if you use for more than 3 days you will become dependent on them (trust me on that one)  So I'd suggest anything else before that.

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VSG on 05/29/12
 I use a warmed humidifier on cpap machine set at three first night then felt to dry turned it up seem no help almost more congestion. I'm going to try sleeping elevated tonight. Tganks

on 5/18/12 10:47 pm
VSG on 04/03/12
 My doctor told me to use afrin when I'm sick with a cold or sinus infection.  I also use Flonase daily.  Ive been on the CPAP since 2005, and I love it! 
on 5/18/12 11:36 pm - Houston, TX
What kind of mask are you using? I found after moving from a full face mask type to the nasal pillow type i never had problems tearing the mask off again. In fact when i am stuffed up i look forward to putting on the nasal pillow as it quickly clears that all up by forcing air through the passage. I could not sleep at all with the full face mask. The hot air on my whole face was so uncomfortable. If that's part of your problem swap it out...thank me later.
on 5/18/12 11:46 pm
You might want to check the setting like a few ppl suggested...I have bad sinuses too
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VSG on 05/29/12
 Full face mask. I appreciate it I will ask about it. 

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Try using Ayre,my sleep Dr recomended it for me, spread a little inside your nostrils before you put your mask on. Breathright strips may work for you also. Usually the problem in not enough moisture, move your setting up one notch a night and see if you can get it to where you are not as conjested. I have mine set half way and it works for me. Also you may ge****er in the tube, try to keep it under the covers, warm water coming from the chamber and going thru the tube in a cold room creates this sometimes. I use this and it works great, no more keeping the tube under the covers, my wife uses it also and is able to keep the mask on all night now.  I've been on CPAP for three years. Hang in there, you'll get it right.
Edit: I also use the pillows there great I switched masks like 4 times in the begining, till I got the right one for me, you should not have to pay for a new mask every time as long as it's in 30 days. You can use a Neti Pot also to relieve congestion, If you use it regulary this may be all you need. Get the squeeze bottle type, not the tea pot style.
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VSG on 05/29/12
 Thanks all good info!!!

on 5/19/12 1:32 pm
 i had to use simply saline got it at walgreens for about 11 dollars, but i was able to sleep.  I also switched to the head gear that goes up your nose i call it the snorkle and i can sleep on my side and stay asleep all night its wonderful