on 1/14/08 4:00 am - Bremerton, WA
RNY on 08/19/08 with
Dr  Richard Thirlby at Virginia Mason takes Medicare and may take Medicaid if the patient is referred to VMMC.  The main number of the Virginia Mason Downtown clinic is 206-223-6600.
on 2/11/08 4:29 pm - everett, WA
I'm not sure if they still do or not but I had open rny in 2005 by dr. simonowitz *****tired and has a replacement dr. They are in the Overlake Hospital in Bellevue in the Tower there. Mine was quick and scheduled and covered quickly and staff was great. I started at 278 been around 110 :)
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on 2/21/08 1:54 am - MT
Dr. Lily Chang at Virginia Mason, Seattle

Virginia Mason 206.341.1905 1100 9th Ave Seattle, WA 98111  For the psychiatric consult, medicare covers 50% while medicaid covers the rest For the nutritional consult, if you don't have diabetes or kidney failure it's not covered by either, had to have financial counseling to cover those appts as a charity case. I had spoken with Darryl Perry who is the supervisor of patient arrival and Insurance Services... He's very helpful for any insurance questions his phone number is 206.515.5956  fax 206.223.2372

Holly M.
on 2/25/08 5:00 am
I had a dshs medical coupon.  My surgery was 9-06 at OHSU in portland, or.. The University of Washington also has coverage however they have a very long waiting list...  There was also a surgeon in spokane but I cannot remember his name.  The key with dshs med coupon is to call and call and call until they tell you what you need to know.. many of the people you'll talk to have no idea what they are talking about... just keep calling bac****il you find one that does... then get their name and number so u can communicate directly with them throughout the entire process...
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on 3/9/10 12:55 pm
Hello can you please give me specific info on your approval with DSHS and the Doctors.   Did you have a DSHS Open Medical Coupon or did you have Healthy Option w/ Molina?   Also can you give the names and ph #’s of the providers who helped you?   I am finding it very hard with DSHS Medical Coupons and am getting very discouraged! Anything you can do to help would great!   Sincerely,   WLS in Seattle
on 3/16/08 7:52 am - wa 98122, WA
Hi, This is Joanne in Seattle. University of Washington now takes Medicare with Medicaid. They are especially set up for higher risk patients. Dr. Andy Wright spoke at last years Seattle Bash Conference and was talking about their program there that they were setting up. Good Luck.
on 4/24/08 4:22 am
I am curious how to go about getting approved for wls through medicaid? (DSHS right?)... I am on Healthy Options Molina and they won't cover it at all... will DSHS itself? Any information would be helpful :) B
Kathy S.
on 4/24/08 4:42 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with
May I suggest you post this on your state board?  No one is going to see  your post here unless they are coming here to add a surgeon. Take care, Kathy

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on 6/1/08 4:01 pm - clarkston, WA
i dont know if they do or not but dr andrew bright at sacred heart medical center rock wood clinic did my rny oct 2007  and i was on DSHS
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on 8/22/09 2:45 pm
Hello!  Yes, as of 5 mos. ago, Drs. Bright and Rawlins at Rockwood Clinic in Spokane were accepting Medicare.  Medicare will pay for LapBand, RNY or DS.  Rawlins and Bright do mostly RNY's.  Surgery is out of Sacred Heart Medical Center.