swallowed gum

on 7/7/06 3:49 am - NJ

My friend who had the surgery Feb. 8th of this year, just called me and told me last night accidentally she swallowed her gum.  She said she's been able to eat since.  She got down her protein shake this morning and a half of a sandwich for lunch.  But she's having pain in her back on the left side and she's really tired. 

Has anyone out there swalled gum?  Should she be worried.  She's at work and can't post this.   So I told her I would do it for her.   Anyone who has experienced this or knows anything about this please let me know If she should be worried.  I told her to call the doctor, but she thinks cause she's been able to keep her food down that she's ok.  I don't know Thanks  Sandi


on 7/7/06 3:51 am - South of Buffalo, NY
My NUT told me not to chew gum for at least 6 months b/c the only way to get it out if we swallow it is through surgery ... Have her call her surgeon just to be safe.   Annette
Jennifer K.
on 7/7/06 3:52 am - Charlotte, NC
I havent personally done this but I *just* asked my surgeon about chewing gum yesterday. He said if I happened to swallow it it shouldnt be an issue as long as it was a "normal" piece of gum (like not hubbabubba or double bubble - you know those huge pieces). If shes having pain and is tires she should call the doc - could be something else besides the gum causing that!

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Christine X.
on 7/7/06 3:52 am - TX
What a good friend you are. And you are right, have her call her doctor. It could be fine, but until the surgeon tells her so, there is always the what if....
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on 7/7/06 3:54 am - KOKOMO, IN
tell her not to fart, she might blow a bubble!  hahaha lora
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on 7/7/06 5:02 am - Under the Stars, MI
on 7/7/06 5:51 am - Cherry Capital of the World!, MI
2 funny lora!
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on 7/7/06 3:57 am - Clarksville, TN
I was told by my surgeon not to chew gum.  He said that if it was swallowed, it would need to be surgically removed.


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on 7/7/06 3:59 am - Aberdeen, WA
I don't know what type of surgery your friend had, but I can tell you that swallowing gum with a LAP-BAND is a serious thing.  The gum can completely block the stoma, necessitating removal with an endoscope, which is why most LAP-BAND patients are advised against chewing gum.
Quinns ..
on 7/7/06 4:03 am
I chew gum every day. With that..I guess do what your doctor says..I've swallowed gum on occasion as i've swalloed a grape..an ice cube..a pea..none of which have ever gotten stuck. All the support groups I run and the 8 years i've been here on OH..never encountered anyone who had to had a scope to remove gum or anything else..it usually passes with no issue and people are fine. I dont know about different operations but do what your doctor tells you to do. Mariella
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