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what are dangers of not getting enough protein?

Leann B.
on 8/28/07 6:55 pm - Lytle, TX
I cannot stomach the protein shakes,  I have tried them all!!  I am doing what i can to eat my protein but I am only getting about 1/3 of what I am supposed to.  I just can't afford to waste more money on nasty protein drinks. What are the dangers of not getting enough protein? Are there alternatives to protein shakes? Why can't they just make a pill?  I would even prefer an injection!!! Thanks



Lisa A.
on 8/28/07 6:58 pm - Ottawa, Canada
I couldnt agree more. Hate the shakes and even real protein makes me nauteous.. except cheese.  I do tend to get dizzy and week and nauseous tho when I dont eat enuff protein.  I would much prefer to eat fruits and veg and yogurt and ice cream and drink water :-) protein eww ick..... lets invent the pill!!
on 8/28/07 7:01 pm, edited 8/28/07 7:02 pm - Grayson, KY
I don't know all the dangers but I do know that you will lose muscle instead of fat and lose your hair. You can also become anemic (sp?). Have you tried Unjury? I used 1 scoop of unflavored Unjury in my morning coffee. I don't taste it over the coffee, creamer and Splenda. I used to use it in shakes with 1 Tbs peanut butter, a banana, and SF Chocolate syrup. Try using it with SF hot cocoa. If you can't handle it try some protein bars. If you go to GNC, save your reciept. They will refund your money on anything in the store. Even if you've opened it. I love Pure Protein bars. Strawberry Shortcake and Peanut Butter are my favorites. The Chocolate Deluxe is good too. Hope this helps.

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on 8/28/07 7:07 pm - Katy, TX
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Have you tried the Syntrax Nectar brand?? Very yummy, I can't taste that aftertaste so many brands have. Muscle Milk makes an oatmeal that is very high in protein. You could probably just mix unflavored protein powder into your own oatmeal for much cheaper, though...


on 8/28/07 7:08 pm - Schenectady, NY
dangers? long term = DEATH from complications of protein deficiency short term = - hair loss (though many have a "thinning out" anyway, lack of sufficient protein will make it worse) - wasting of muscle tissue... as you enter your rapid loss (if you haven't begun your rapid loss already) combined with super-low caloric intake, your body tends to not discriminate... yes, much of your body's fuel is taken from your fat stores... but some will be taken in the form of protein... and if your body isn't ingesting enough protein (through food and supplements), then it will take it from the largest protein source in your body... muscle tissue (and don't forget, your HEART is a muscle) alternatives to protein shakes? "bullets"... small amounts (like 3 oz) in a test-tube looking container that contains either 25 or 42 grams of protein (depending on which brand you get)... they can be a bit strong flavor and thick consistency, so many recommend watering it down, so you can get your necessary protein as well as your fluid intake. unflavored protein powder... a little sprinkle in everything you eat (yogurt, cottage cheese, soup, coffee... anything that's a bit liquidy) can make a big impact The only other alternative would be actual food sources (beef, chicken, fish, eggs, etc)... but unfortunately, as early out as you are, getting all your required protein from food alone is pretty much an impossibility. take a pill? if they DID make a pill, you'd have to take so many of them, that most people would be easily dissuaded (sp?) from taking them... but you really DO need to supplement. I'm sure others will probably chime in with suggestions as well. Good luck.

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Jazelle Hall
on 8/28/07 7:20 pm - Orange Park, FL
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Your heart is a muscle and lost of protein will in the end damage it. Since I don't like milk either but eat a lot of cheese I still get my calcium. I drink the New-Whey and mix the protein powder with my yorgart. So far I'm doing fine. I also eat fish about 3 to 6 times a week.
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on 8/28/07 7:36 pm - AL

There is a short article on protein and bariatric patients on US Bariatrics. Just scroll down for the article. If you do not get in adequate protein, your body will take it from other organs if need be, you loose muscle mass, your heart is a muscle. It is important to get in your protein anyway you can, to avoid potential life threatning complications. Alternatives to shakes: Pure Protein 20 grams protein per bar. I prefer the chocolate peanut butter. Oh Yeah! protein wafer bars. 15 grams protein per serving, kinda like a kit kat I prefer chocolate mint, and vanilla peanut butter cream. Met Rx protein bars. I use as a meal replacement. 30 grams protein, 15 grams of sugar but sugar doesnt bother me. If it bothers you, Id stay away from them but the peanut butter cookie dough, chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut caramel crunch are good. Turkey Jerky cheese sticks deli sliced meats rolled up with cheese sticks Wendys Chili: a small one has 18 grams of protein Shrimp: I keep a bag of pre cooked shrimp on hand, toss em in a little crab boil for flavor for just a minute or less, usually just a qucik dunking, then add either light italian dressing or will make up a dressing with some fresh dill and olive oil or other spices, cover them, keep in fridge. They are handy when you have those, "I know I want something but dont know what" days.

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katrina C.
on 8/28/07 7:51 pm - MI
VSG on 09/07/07 with
I am a "mix-a-terian" lol,, I do find myself eating some vegetarian foods from the grocery store. The Morning Star products are high in protein,...Grillers (veggie burgers) are 15 grams in one. also they have breakfast links and other stuff.... just another suggestion. kat

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on 8/28/07 7:54 pm - Eugene, OR
Two biggies are that you'll lose muscle mass and your hair can fall out.  Not good -- either one of them.  I'm sure there are other bad things that can happen when you don't get enough.  I have trouble with the protein powders (loved them before surgery), but I get quite a bit from yogurt, cheese, skim milk, almonds, fish, etc. Linda
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on 8/28/07 8:05 pm
My little trick was to put some cottage cheese by my bed the first few months.  If I had to pee during the middle of the night (which is common since I am sip sip sipping away), I had a small bowl of 2 to 3 oz on the night stand with a spoon.  I would eat the cottage cheese then, just to make sure the protein was there, even if it was 2 to 3am.  Brian
on 8/28/07 8:14 pm - Realityville, Not SunshineLand, TN
fwiw, i never drank a protein drink. couldn't stand them. you do what you have to do. you will be able to up your protein dramatically over the next few weeks as you eat more meats and other protein foods. i shoot for 20g of protein per meal--don't always make it--and then some snacks as needed. i ate the heck out of chicken as early as possible--like every meal. and cheese--i'm a total cheese junkie. read labels. when i learned that sliced swiss cheese has 11 protein for two slices, i made it a nightly snack.  get as much in as you can and work toward that goal. frankly, imo, a month or two of low protein isn't going to kill you--i'm sure that there are plenty of people who haven't had wls that don't eat as much protein as we do on a daily basis; but you have to get it up there eventually and asap.  i also love protein bars--eas carb control advant edge are my favorites. the oh yeah! wafers aren't too bad, either.
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on 8/28/07 8:16 pm
One other thing.  Have you and your doctor ruled out a stricture?  Very common in RNY.  Brian
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on 8/28/07 8:42 pm - Las Vegas, NV
RNY on 09/25/07 with
This item isn't a big hitter, but bit helps... I just tried Special K protein water.  It tastes like crystal lite but has 5 grams of protein. Chickita
on 8/29/07 12:35 am
hello leanne. i did asked this question to my bariatric surgeon and he told me to the point that lack of protein can cause  * loss of muscle mass * decrease your immunity system * weaken your heart muscle and respiratory system * and cause death that is enough reason for me not to ignore my protein. i eat mostly seafood, ribeye steak, cheese, eggs, milk to get in my daily protein. i am now after 9 months able to tolerate chicken which also is a high protein source. i am currently using optimum nutrition rocky road gold standard 100% whey. it is the best i have tasted so far and with my Lactaid milk i get in 34 gms in one 10 oz glass. they have a few flavors to choose from. some like the chocolate mint. it is all trial and error and what you like now, you won't like down the road. pre-op i was taking the 3oz liquid protein vial, one is 24 gms, the other 42 gms. buy a few sample size of various flavor and see if you like the liquid protein that is from IDS and New Whey companies. after surgery, i can't stand the liquid protein and begin to gag drink it. others can and love using those vials, its compact and on the go. i have for years (yes, even as a pre-op) taken Unjury protein powder. but now, i am using the optimum nutrition because it is silky and smooth and does taste great to me. if you like canned tuna, crab or salmon, make a little salad out of it. eggs, cheese, meat, etc. find food high in protein and that you will enjoy and able to tolerate. my best to you in your journey to better health and life.
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Kristie T.
on 8/29/07 1:32 am - Hamilton, AL
I use GNC 100% any WHEY protein powder and add it to almost everything I can, It does not make my food taste different and has 17g of protein per scoop, when I'm scrambling my egg I only add 1/2 scoop.  The label says you can add it to Beverages, tho I have not, I do not know if it alters the taste of them.  Good Luck, you will find things you can tolerate.
on 8/29/07 2:01 am
Your body has enough stored protein for about 3-4 months. After that, it will start 'robbing' the protein it needs to carry out tis' daily functions from your reserves---like your muscles. (Remember, your HEART is a major muscle.) Not getting enough protein every day means your body MUST find it elsewhere, because protein is a necessary part of daily metabolism. Without it---you DIE. There's really no reason you HAVE to do protein shakes. They're nasty, and there's no reason you can't EAT all the protein you need. Concentrate on meats, cheeses, and dairy products.
(deactivated member)
on 8/29/07 8:47 am - IN
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I don't know if you have followed the posts but i was in the hospital for a month and 2 days for my protien being so low. I was profoundly malnourished,dehydraetd and anemic. I went thorugh some very rough days and the Dr. was not sure at the beginning if i would even make it. Protien effects your whole life. I lost so much hair,could not get up out of a chair unassisted,fell 20 times,had an irregular heartbeat,so much more ,Please do not let it get to this point for you. It is not fun beleive me. The more i did not eat the more i hated to even try. You have to eat and you have to get your protien in. Talk to a dietician or your Dr. so they can help you before it is too late..Hugs Val