Muscle Milk vs. Muscle Milk light

on 3/15/08 10:31 pm - Louisville, OH
RNY on 06/19/07 with
I was in GNC about a month ago.... not a store I frequent very often, so everything in there looks foreign  to me.  They carried Muscle Milk, and I had read about it on these boards, so I bought some various flavors and put them in the fridge.  Since that time, I have noticed that people on here use Muscle Milk LIGHT.  Is there a reason that I should NOT drink the ones I bought, and go for the light version instead... too much sugar, too many carbs??? Or just plain too many calories???  Thanks, appreciate your input. June



Kathy W.
on 3/15/08 10:57 pm - TN
I think the regular Muscle Milk has a great deal more carbs and/or sugar.
Phyllis H.
on 3/15/08 11:33 pm, edited 3/15/08 11:34 pm - Conneaut, OH
I found some muscle milk in one of our local grocery stores, bought a few difrent flavors and loved them, but could not justify paying 3.00 a peice for the premade. Went to GNC online thinking it migh be cheaper but found the Mucle milk light powder instead on sale, I bough bannana, strawberry and chocolate, and love them as well. They all have 195 cal, 6 fat, 11 carbs, 2 sugars, 25 protein. Says to mix with water, but I prefer it with soy milk.  Hope that helps ya.  Phyllis

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Eileen O.
on 3/15/08 11:35 pm - Marlton, NJ

Compare the 2.. the "light" ones are much better for you... less sugar, calories, etc.... I used to drink the Choc. Milk and Choc. Mint ones.


on 3/16/08 5:37 am - Seymour, IN
I have compared them and the sugar content is not horrible on the regular, a bit higher than the Light, the big thing that I remember is the regular has 330 calories per serving and the Light has 195 calories. Missy

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on 3/16/08 7:05 am - Medford, MA
I wonder if they've reformulated MM.  I was looking for MM-Lite without success, but when I came across plain-MM, it had something like 21 g of protein and less than 4 grams of carbs, and 220 calories per serving.  Which isn't bad at all.  The non-lite MM has about 8 or 9 grams of fat, but I wouldn't worry about that too much if you limit yourself to one per day.  I've only had their chocolate drink, and it's very good-tasting (undoubtedly thanks to the fat content!) I guess the answer is: read the label and make up your own mind. /Steve
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